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Measuring Quality and Safety

Baystate Health emphasizes understanding the "why" and "how" events happen, not on "who" caused a particular error.

Several national organizations compare actual outcomes and other quality measures at hospitals and medical practices across the USA. While it is not possible to compare one patient's experience from one hospital to the next, comparing specific mortality or complication rates can indicate the relative quality of care from one institution to the next. Also, it is possible to assess the "process of care," what happens to patients when they are in the hospital. See a selection of the prestigious awards and rankings for quality received by Baystate Health.

Hospitals with good quality of care generally adhere to higher standards of quality and safety in caring for patients. Hospitals that have good quality of care programs should be able to measure their outcomes and share that data with patients and other hospitals.

Baystate Health hospitals believe in open reporting of outcomes and quality measures. To help ensure that Baystate delivers safe, high quality care, the Division of Healthcare Quality (DHQ) measures, evaluates and reports outcomes and events that show how well Baystate is doing. The DHQ represents Baystate Health in voluntary quarterly data-sharing, including: