Breast Cancer Diagnostic Program

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Coordinated Testing, Evaluation & Follow-up

Regular screening mammograms are an important part of your breast health starting at age 40. When signs of a problem show up in your screening results, we’re here to guide you through the diagnosis process.

It’s understandable to be worried if you’ve had an “abnormal” mammogram that shows a potential problem. Luckily, almost 80% breast abnormalities are benign (non-cancerous) – but it’s important to follow through with appropriate diagnostic testing.

You’ll receive prompt, expert attention from our team of specialists. We’ll be with you every step of the way – coordinating your testing, evaluation, and follow-up. If you’re diagnosed with a high-risk lesion or breast cancer, your personal nurse navigator will work with you – along with your team of breast surgeons and nurse practitioners – to create the best treatment plan for you.

We use the following tools for diagnosing breast cancer:

Less Time Between Testing & Treatment

The Baystate Health Priority Breast Care Program reduces the timeframe from an abnormal mammogram to testing, biopsy, diagnosis, and treatment. If your primary care provider is enrolled in our Priority Breast Program, you will receive faster answers and service, including:

  • Breast biopsy scheduling within three days of diagnostic findings
  • One-on-one post-biopsy consultation usually within 24 hours of receiving pathology results
  • Surgical consultation usually within two business days if your biopsy suggests cancer

The Priority Breast Care Program’s compassionate, streamlined care means your primary care doctor and team of Baystate Health breast specialists will always be in the loop – which also means greater peace of mind for you.

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