Priority Breast Care Program

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The Priority Breast Care Program at the Baystate Breast & Wellness Center significantly reduces the time between a patient's abnormal mammogram and biopsy, and more importantly, through coordination of care, reduces the time from abnormal mammogram to definitive treatment.

How the Priority Breast Care Program Works

When your primary health care provider enrolls in the Priority Breast Care Program, you receive expedited service to ensure that your care is not delayed if there are suspicious findings on your mammogram. Your provider may also select an option for you to be evaluated by a nurse practitioner for a clinical exam prior to your biopsy.

  • We schedule most patients who need to have a breast biopsy within four days of the diagnostic findings.
  • Our breast imaging radiologists provide one-on-one post-biopsy consultation with you (usually within 24 hours of receiving pathology results).
  • If your breast biopsy is positive, our team schedules you for surgical consultation at the surgeon's office that your doctor preselected, usually within two business days. Of course, you also have the option to choose a different surgeon if you prefer.

Why Physicians Use the Priority Breast Care Program

When health care providers enroll in the Priority Breast Care Program, they remain informed and updated throughout their patient's care at the Baystate Breast & Wellness Center. Our team helps ensure that you receive the recommended consultations or follow-up imaging you need, without unnecessary delays.


The Priority Breast Care Program is designed to benefit you and your primary care provider. Abnormal mammogram results typically raise anxiety levels in patients. You receive peace of mind, knowing that if there is anything suspicious on your mammogram, you will receive coordinated, high quality, streamlined care without unnecessary delays. Your doctor will remain updated about your status every step of the way.

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