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Baystate Behavioral Health - Neuropsychology
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A service of Baystate Medical Center, Baystate Behavioral Health neuropsychologists provide extensive evaluations for adults and children ages 6+.

Sports Concussion Treatment

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Make a concussion clinic appointment: 413-794-5555

The Baystate Medical Center Sports Concussion Clinic is a multidisciplinary program made up of experts in sports medicine, neuropsychology, and rehabilitation. The clinic is designed to provide extensive evaluation, management, and treatment for athletes who have sustained a concussive injury.

We work with athletes from initial evaluation of the injury through the decision to return to play. For student athletes, the clinic provides detailed “return to learn” guidance for the student and the school.

We work with athletes at all stages of development, including: youth, high school, and college. We also work with adult amateur and professional athletes. We offer educational seminars for local communities, schools, and physician groups in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of concussion prevention and management.

Ask for a Referral to the Sports Concussion Clinic

Many concussions resolve quickly, with proper management and appropriate rest.

Ask for a referral to the Baystate Sports Concussion Clinic when:

  • Your primary care physician has followed for a week and little to no progress is seen, or complications occur
  • You have a history of prior concussions, putting you at higher risk for prolonged, complicated recovery
  • There are complicating risk factors, such as pre-existing mood/anxiety disorder, migraines, ADHD, or learning disabilities 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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