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Fundraising Priority: Operating and Interventional Procedural Rooms

Healthier Tomorrows: The Campaign for Baystate Health 

Your support today ensures that the future of surgical care at Baystate Medical Center is sustainable and ensures cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques can be leveraged by top-notch surgeons and medical professionals, leading to compassionate, high-quality care for all. 

Merrick Operating Room, Springfield HospitalIn the 1800s, surgery at Baystate Health looked much different than it does today. Many firsts have happened since then: the first human blood transfusion; the first female surgeon in America, Mary Edwards Walker; and the first successful appendectomy and open heart surgeries.

As technology has advanced, surgical care has evolved to take optimal care of our patients. Yet one thing remains the same: Baystate Health is dedicated to providing the high-quality surgical and interventional care our patients need and deserve.


Local Care, World Class Results

Any of us could need surgery. From chronic pain management to lifesaving procedures, surgical interventions are essential to the health of our community. Having access to top-notch surgeons trained on the latest techniques and advanced procedures, and providing them with the optimal space to do their work, is a vital asset to our community.

Many procedures offered at Baystate Medical Center are not performed at any other hospitals nearby, including the WATCHMAN implant, a minimally invasive surgery that reduces a patient’s risk for stroke permanently.

And, especially in a time-sensitive situation, fast access to care could be everything. No matter what the procedure, keeping care close to home also allows family and friends to easily visit during recovery.

Our Vision for Surgery 

Baystate Health strives to provide patients with the highest quality of care possible. For surgery, this means constructing new facilities that align with the latest world-class surgical advances and provide patients with a calming and healing environment to receive care.

This state-of-the-art facility allows us to attract the most talented surgeons and medical professionals to Baystate Medical Center. New technology, advancements in care, and the space to achieve the best possible outcomes in the surgical realm is an enticing prospect to attract and retain surgeons.

Not only does this help patients of today but it supports those we are able to serve in the future. Baystate Health believes that providing world-class surgery close to home is critical to ensure healthier tomorrows for our community.

The Plan

In the latest project, which led to the opening of new surgical spaces in 2023, Baystate Medical Center utilized the space created during its 2010 Hospital of the Future campaign to house new operating rooms and interventional labs. This project added 20 new operating rooms that geographically align with the four cardiovascular operating rooms built during the creation of the Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center in 2012. The new operating rooms support musculoskeletal, cancer, cardiac, gynecologic, major gastrointestinal, neurological, robotic, and general trauma surgery.


New Operating Room at Baystate Medical Center 2023These surgical spaces are the industry standard 650-square-feet, a leap from our current largest room, which is 450-square-feet. The 82,254-square-foot space will double the size of some of our existing operating rooms, allowing us to add new, advanced equipment that we have not been able to accommodate in the past. These changes provided surgeons and medical professionals the space required to do their jobs efficiently with the tools and technology they need.

In addition, this project includes:

  • Two electrophysiology labs where patients who require care involving the electrical system within their hearts will be seen
  • Four catheterization labs in which teams focus on the structures of a patient’s heart and major blood vessels
  • One neurology lab focused on minimally invasive procedures related to the brain
  • One flexible lab, an adaptable space based on the needs of the patient
  • 60 new prep and recovery bays, adding to an existing 20 in the Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center

How You Can Help

In order to keep high-quality surgical care in our region, the relocation and remodeling of our operating rooms and related facilities was imperative. We are able to continue welcoming the best surgeons to Baystate Medical Center and provide you and your loved ones the care you deserve locally.

To address this urgent need and leverage optimal financing conditions, Baystate Health has already invested the funds to bring increased and enhanced operating capacity to the community. Donor investments are critical to ensure this investment in our community is sustainable. Your support will offset financing costs, freeing up resources so that Baystate Health remains nimble in a fast-changing healthcare environment. Additionally, endowed support of Baystate Health’s operating facilities ensures that the spaces continue to incorporate the best and latest in operating technology.

This resource could be needed by any of us, or our loved ones, without a moment’s notice.

Your support today ensures that the future of surgical care at Baystate Medical Center is sustainable and ensures cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques can be leveraged by top-notch surgeons and medical professionals, leading to compassionate, high-quality care for all.

To learn more about this project and recognition opportunities, contact the Baystate Health Foundation team at 413-794-6414 or email Jennifer Gruszka, Stewardship Manager.