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Blood Donor Spotlight: Paul Santolini squeezes time in to donate!

February 22, 2015

Paul Santolini, a Behavioral Specialist in the BMC Adult Psychiatric Unit, is a familiar face in the Blood Donor Center. He has donated more than 124 times at the Baystate Blood Donor Center.

Paul started donating whole blood in August of 1991. In February of 2013, after 92 successful whole blood donations, Paul began donating platelets and has continued ever since.

More about Paul

Santolini likes to stay busy! He is a talented artist and likes to use his skills wood working and refurbishing furniture.

"My father was an engineer. I loved looking at blueprints and I see art in everything," Santolini said.

Between his busy work schedule, and his hobbies, Paul finds time on his lunch hour to donate at the Blood Donor Center. After a few donations, he says it just became a habit.

Paul has been an employee at Baystate since 1985. Along with his many years of supervising the Adult Psychiatric Unit, he finds time to teach psychology at Holyoke Community College and Springfield College.

"I give platelets and whole blood as an extension of my giving. It is pretty painless, the staff is fun and the environment is enjoyable," Santolini said.

How to donate

If you would like to donate whole blood or platelets with the Baystate Blood Donor Program, please call 413.794.4600 to make your appointment.

The Blood Donor Center is located on the First Floor of the Daly Building. We are open Monday, Thursday and Friday 8 am until 4 pm; Tuesday and Wednesday 12 pm until 8 pm.

We look forward to seeing you!