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Effective Relief From Our Expert Neurologists

We understand how challenging it can be to live with the pain of headaches or migraines. These conditions can be very painful and lower your quality of life. At Baystate Health, our expert team is here to help with accurate testing and the latest treatment options.

Types of Headaches We Treat

Your headache pain may be the result of one or more underlying conditions. Our doctors specialize in treating:

  • Chronic daily headaches
  • Headaches that result from medication overuse
  • Migraines
  • Post-concussion headaches

Headache and Migraine Diagnosis

Our diagnostic process starts with a detailed review of your medical and family history, as well as blood tests. You may need imaging studies, such as an MRI scan or CT scan.

You may have chronic headaches as a result of untreated sleep apnea. If we suspect this is the cause of your headaches, we may recommend that you undergo a sleep study.

We’ll also go over your lifestyle and diet to find any potential headache triggers. For example, if you take over-the-counter headache relievers on a daily basis, you may actually cause more headaches.

Our Headache and Migraine Therapy

Once we’ve identified the cause of your headaches or migraines, you and your doctor will work together to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. Your treatment plan may include:

We work closely with our colleagues who specialize in pain management care.

Our team will follow up with you regularly to monitor your progress. We’ll adjust your treatment plan as needed until your headaches or migraines are under control.

Dr. Otis on Headache Types

Dr. James Otis, neurologist, Baystate Neurology, break down the different types of headaches you might experience on any given day.

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