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PURCH Courses and Descriptions

Courses taken in the PURCH Track provide the same information, build the same skills, and develop the same competencies as in the traditional MD track.

The difference is not just what is taught—it's the how, the where, and the why. (How Is PURCH different?)

PURCH Curriculum sketched out on Whiteboard

What Courses Do I Take at Which Campus?

Most of your preclinical and basic science courses in your first two years are based at the UMass Medical School main campus in Worcester.

We provide certain pre-clerkship clinical skills courses at the Baystate campus in order to "embed" you in the clinical settings where you will be doing clinical training.

This continuity will acclimate you to our campus and faculty, introduce you to the needs of our patients, and help you develop a commitment to rural and urban under-served populations.


At Baystate Campus

At Worcester Campus

1st Year
  • Foundations of Medicine 1 (FOM 1) - except DCS1
  • Testing

2nd Year
  • Foundations of Medicine 2 (FOM 2) - except DCS2
  • Testing

3rd Year
  • Comprehensive Core Clinical Assessment

4th Year
  • Advanced Biomedical and Translational Sciences (ABTS)
  • Sub-internships & Selectives