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Ask a PURCH Student Ambassador or Recruiter

If You Are Thinking of Applying to PURCH

If you are a preclincial student applying for admission to UMass Chan Medical School and are interested in learning more about the PURCH Track—please feel free to contact our PURCH Student Ambassador for more information.

You can also look for an answer in the FAQs from PURCH applicants.

PURCH Student Ambassador

Victoria Powell PURCH Ambassador

Tori Powell, Class of 2023
Tufts University, 2014

If You Have Already Been Accepted to UMass Chan

Accepted UMass Chan students are welcome to contact our PURCH Student Recruiters who can answer your questions about PURCH and student life at the UMass Chan-Baystate campus.

PURCH Student Recruiters

Ashvin Antony, Class of 2023
Vanderbilt University, 2019

Kristina Jakobson, Class of 2023
Harvard University, 2016

Saba Rahman, Class of 2023
University of California - Berkeley, 2015

Chloe Young, Class of 2023
Biola University, 2018