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Pathology Residents

Meet Our Residents


Dr. Ahmed Alhusseiny

Ahmed Alhusseiny, MD

Mansoura University Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Hariharan Sivakumar Bharadwaj

Hariharan Bharadwaj, MD

Kasturba Medical College Mangalore

Dr. Madhavi Pandiri

Madhavi Pandiri, MD

Mamata Medical College

Hello! I’m Madhavi, from Hyderabad, India. During my medical school, I developed an interest in pursuing Pathology as a specialty which led me to complete my residency in Pathology at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. I believe Pathology acts as a bridge between basic science research and clinical medicine which helps to implement the concepts of research, to developing tools for improved diagnosis and treatment outcome. I love the process of continued discovery that Pathology provides with wide and endless variety in the work.

After I moved to the United States, I was determined to learn the latest advancements and research in Pathology. I have had the opportunity to do an Observership in Wooster Community Hospital, Ohio. Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family, watching cartoons with my daughter and gardening.

During my interview at Baystate, I perceived a friendly environment, dedicated faculty, organized and thoughtful support staff and a great balance between anatomic and clinical pathology. I knew that this would be a program where I would thrive both professionally and personally. I'm very excited to have matched here and can't wait to be a part of this incredible team.



Sanica Bhele MD

Shri Vasantrao Naik Government Medical College


Zainab Harb MD

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain


Nupur Jadhav MD

Government Medical College Aurangabad


Esma Ersoy, MD

Istanbul Universitesi, Istanbul Tip Fakultesi

Dr. Esma Ersoy

Hi, welcome to the World of Pathology!

This is Esma who just started to the pathology residency training recently at Baystate Medical Center. I graduated from Istanbul University School of Medicine and had a chance to get my medical education in an institution which has a hundred years of history. After my graduation, I had worked as a physician in an emergency department of a state hospital in Turkey. Actually, this experience helped me to figure out where I would like to be for my future career and that is how my experiences started in the U.S.

I worked with Dr. Rahimi as a research fellow in Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at Boston University. I studied on cancer pathogenesis which includes breast carcinoma and renal carcinoma, to say in particular on novel cell adhesion molecules such as MINAR1 and TMIGD1. Then, I got accepted as a pathology resident to University of Massachusetts –Baystate Medical Center. Now is the time for me to learn more about the World of Pathology.

As a member of Pathology Department at Baystate Medical Center, I would like to say that I got a really good experience here, so far. Increasing the medical knowledge with an exceptional patient care in a friendly environment is my perception for this department. Hope to learn more and go on to serve an exceptional work as a team.

Dr. Salih Toker

Salih Toker, MD

Cukurova Universitesi Tip Fakultesi

Hello, I'm Salih. I am from Turkey. After completing my medical education, I decided to pursue my career in the pathology field. To achieve my goal, I participated in a research activity for two years in Maryland. At the end of this period, I have been accepted as a resident at Baystate Medical Center.

There are many reasons to choose BMC. First of all, BMC has a very friendly environment, everyone is willing to help and answer questions regardless of whether they are technical or not. And also, high volume with unusual cases are another striking feature at BMC. Therefore I feel excited about being a part of the BMC family and consider it a great opportunity to do well for my career.

I enjoy music particularly playing Baglama (which is a Turkish folkloric instrument), swimming, fishing, hiking and planting tree seeds, particularly oak.


Dr. Romany AbdelmalakRomany Abdelmalak MD

University of Cairo Faculty of Medicine

Hello, I'm Romany! Let me first tell you that Pathology is a unique specialty. If you're considering it, you're about to make a wise decision that will really change your life. What makes Pathology unique is that you are the link between being a clinician and a scientist. You interpret data on multiple levels; clinical, genetic, molecular, cytological, etc. making a big difference in patient care. So, choosing where you spend your training is of utmost importance.

I applied to a lot of programs, got so many interview invitations. By the end of my visit to Baystate, I knew I wanted to be part of this program and luckily they wanted the same. At this time, I was mainly looking at how a program looks on paper, checking the website, asking my colleagues and my teachers. After interviewing with different programs all over the country, I realized that looking beyond the available information is more important; looking for a good place to fit in, a well-balanced education and a place to call home.

Baystate is great. Our attending physicians are excellent pathologists, devoted mentors, and admirable people. Having various divisions, diversity of cases and research opportunities builds up your CV for a continuously more competitive market. We, the residents, are a sweet little family. Help is offered before you ask. I am learning a lot here on so many levels.

This part of the country is very special. A lovely neighboring town called Northampton is what sold me on this residency program. After living in NYC for a couple of years, moving to a more relaxing, peaceful, yet vibrant location feels nice.

I enjoy road trips, soccer, hiking and listening to music. Western Massachusetts is the perfect place for all that. With good time management, you can easily have plenty of time for your hobbies, your family, and friends. Baystate is a wonderful place to start your career as a pathologist. 

Dr. Anthony Cretara Anthony Cretara MD

Boston University School of Medicine

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts but grew up in Long Beach California. In undergrad, I majored in Theater Arts and spent a few years in Los Angeles working as a professional actor. After that, I went back to school for a teaching credential, and spent the next few years teaching high school English in Los Angeles, and then elementary school English in Seoul, South Korea. While in South Korea, I decided I wanted to go into medicine, eventually finding my way to Boston University School of Medicine and then to Baystate Medical Center.

I am happy to join the Baystate team. The people here are friendly and have a strong work ethic. The attendings and fellow residents foster a safe and healthy learning environment. Of course, days can become busy with the high volume of cases that come through the department, but everyone is always willing to help, teach, and answer questions. Our first week has been very productive and I have already grossed a wide variety of specimens and seen unusual cases. 

Dr. Mahmoud Elsayad

Mahmoud Elsayad, MD

Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine

Hey, I am Mahmoud, I am from Egypt.

I am a realistic person, so I am not going to talk about why I chose the Pathology program at Baystate Medical Center, I will talk about what I found here. Every day I spend here I feel that I am on the right way of my education. Every day I gain new knowledge, new experience, and new friends. Every person here is kind and helpful so it is easy to feel that you are in a productive, educational environment. One more advantage of pathology department in Baystate, as I am a homesick person, it keeps me busy forgetting my homesickness. I can say I am lucky because I am part of Baystate Health.

Dr. Majd Jawad Majd Jawad MD

University of Aleppo Faculty of Medicine

Hello, this is Majd.

I was raised in Syria, and spent my life between three different countries. After finishing medical school, I decided to pursue my residency in the US. I was excited to explore a new part of the world and have my training in a high quality institution.

During my interviews, I was looking for a program that is balanced between the work load, diversity of cases, research opportunities and social life. Although it has been a short time since I joined Baystate, I feel that I am in the right place. Every day is an accomplishment with the education and practice we are receiving under the attendings and residents’ supervision.

In addition to that, I enjoy music and architecture. Western Massachusetts, and New England in general, has very cultural atmosphere, with many symphonies and museums that are well known worldwide.

I am very excited to spend the next few years here, and glad to be part of the pathology team at Baystate.