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Medicine-Pediatrics Faculty

Faculty in the Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program come from both the department of medicine department and the department of pediatrics, and most are double-boarded. All of our pediatric hospitalist faculty are med-peds trained.

Andrew Balder, MD

Rebeca Bell, MD

Samuel Borden, MD

Elizabeth Boyle, MD

Beth Carter, MD

Weijian Chang, MD

Jonna I. Gaberman, MD

Sarah Goff, MD

Chelsea Gordner, DO

Audrey Guhn, MD

Rohini Harvey, MD

Cortney Haynes, MD

Harry Hoar III, MD

Satoko I. Igarashi, MD

Mark Jankowske, DO

Nicholas Kashey, MD

Krista Kitchen, MD

Robert McDonald, MD

Maura Munoz, MD

Kevin O'Callaghan, MD

Pixie Plummer, MD

Sarah Workman, MD

Sharon Wretzel, MD