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Med-Peds Chief Residents' Message

Welcome to UMMS-Baystate’s Med-Peds Residency Program at  UMMS-Baystate—the tertiary care center in Western Massachusetts—with a catchment area extending into New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Beyond making lifelong friends and colleagues, residency is about preparing us to become outstanding physicians in whichever career path we choose. We are excited for you to explore why we are so proud to be here for our training.

The Education

Resident education at UMMS-Baystate is unique in that the primary responsibility of both our academic Internal Medicine and Pediatric attendings is to teach residents.

We have a Learner-Manager-Teacher educational model that allows us to develop graduated autonomy and confidence in caring for our patients. As Learners, we are supervised by our senior residents and attendings who help foster our practical and clinical reasoning skills. In our 2nd year, we become Managers and work one-on-one with our attendings, which allows us to develop our own approaches to treating patients under the guidance of the attending. Then as teachers, we come full circle, fostering our own teaching skills as we help instruct our junior residents in caring for patients.

There are many opportunities provided by the program to get involved in research, QI projects, case reports, and poster presentations. Additional opportunities are available to learn and practice skills in ultrasound, advocacy, teaching, and mentorship.

We are proud to be an integral part of our dedicated med-peds clinic, Mason Square, which was one of the first combined med-peds residency clinics in the country! Mason Square not only strives to provide excellent primary care for one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it also has a wealth of onsite resources including, laboratory and radiology services, tuberculosis clinic, procedure clinic, diabetes clinic, WIC, and dental services.

You will find many of our graduates in careers ranging from local to global, urban to rural, generalist to sub-specialist. Our residents receive dedicated support from our program administration to help us reach our career aspirations. We truly believe no matter the career you are working towards, UMMS-Baystate will readily prepare and help support you to get there.

A note about Baystate’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Baystate prioritized safety of staff and patients and ensured that we provided necessary medical care. Our administration even made headline news ensuring we had the necessary PPE.

The Med-Peds program worked closely with our Internal Medicine and Pediatrics colleagues to ensure that all residents were kept safe while at the same time allowing us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in medicine during a global pandemic. All med-peds residents were moved onto an essential medicine service. Many of us worked in the ICU with our critical care fellows and attendings or on the wards. Schedules were adjusted to have residents rotating on for only a few days in a row with increased days off to allow for rest. While we were on Medicine, our categorical pediatrics colleagues stepped up to fill in our gaps, and our clinic attendings even took after-hours phone calls.

Overall, the institution as a whole worked together to maintain staff safety without compromising patient care and remained flexible as the situation evolved. New policies were formulated on the fly and refined as the situation evolved, affecting everything from Code Blue responses to how we see patients at clinic. It was truly an “all hands on deck” situation, and we were proud to rise to the occasion and be part of a team working together to provide the best care possible for our patients while keeping one another safe.

The People

If you were to poll our residents about what brought them to Baystate, you will often hear about the people.

Our program comprises eight residents per class whose homes span across the continent. For many of us, Baystate is our home away from home and our tight-knit bonds develop across the different classes so that we are constantly surrounded by many pillars of support. These relationships start with the numerous icebreaker events, welcome BBQs, and camping trips at the beginning of the year—well, when social distancing rules allow—and continue with ongoing social events including our annual switch party and resident retreats.

Every intern is paired with a Med-Peds peer mentor from the beginning of the year to guide them through the inevitable ups and downs of internship. Many of these mentor-mentee relationships have continued beyond graduation, which is a testament to the strength of the bonds formed during these years. We also form strong relationships with our categorical internal medicine and pediatric residents, with whom we are working side-by-side throughout residency.

After work, it is common to find us spending time together having dinner, hiking, playing board games, or winning prizes at trivia (again, whenever there isn’t a pandemic). Our supportive family does not stop with the residents. Our beloved program directors and coordinators all provide unending administrative, clinical, career, and emotional guidance when we need it most. Not to mention, the Med-Peds office is always well-stocked with espresso and snacks! Being one of the largest residency programs at Baystate, we are fortunate to have an established presence where we are taught by many med-peds trained faculty who have graduated from Baystate as well.

The Community

Western Massachusetts is a fantastic place to live!

Springfield itself is full of museums, historical sites, the Basketball Hall of Fame, hockey games, MGM casino, the annual New England “Big E” fair, and a variety of delicious restaurants to hit up after a day at work. As you head north into the Pioneer Valley, you can find yourself exploring the bustling towns of Easthampton, Holyoke, Hadley, and Amherst, each with great eats, bakeries, or ice cream.

A unique town that is a must-see is Northampton, voted as one of the Best Small Cities in America in 2018. There are many nearby areas for hiking, swimming, skiing, and biking to keep you busy at all times of the year. To the west, the Berkshires have a long history as an arts destination, with destinations like Tanglewood (the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s summer home), Jacob’s Pillow for dance, and Mass MoCA for modern art. As you head south into Connecticut, you will pass the perfectly groomed sidewalks in East Longmeadow, grab a season pass to Six Flags, find yourself at the summer concert series at Xfinity Theatre, or enjoying a Broadway Touring Company at The Bushnell Theatre.

Our location also makes it convenient to travel for a day or weekend away to cities such as Boston, Albany, Providence, and NYC. We are 30 minutes away from Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT, which makes long-distance or international travel very accessible.

We Welcome Your Questions

No matter where you end up training to become a Med-Peds physician, it is an extremely rewarding and worthwhile career! We hope that we have gotten you excited to apply to UMMS-Baystate Med-Peds Residency, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

If you have any questions about Baystate or Med-Peds, we would be happy to help you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.


Alex, Faith, and Greg
Med-Peds Chief Residents, 2020-2021

Dr. Alexander Roseman
Dr. Faith Andrea Ikalina Dr. Gregory Campbell
Alex Roseman, MD

Faith Andrea Ikalina, MD

Gregory Campbell, MD