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Med-Peds Chief Residents' Message

Hello and thank you for taking a closer look at the Med-Peds program here at UMMS-Baystate. As this year’s chief residents we’d love to give you an inside look at what makes our program special.

Educational Excellence

Beyond making lifelong friends and colleagues, residency is about preparing you to be an outstanding physician in whatever career path you choose. UMMS-Baystate is the tertiary care center in western Massachusetts and extends its catchment area into New York, Connecticut, and Vermont. We are consistently ranked among the top teaching hospitals in the country, which is a testament to both the residents who work here and the faculty who offer their expertise and passion for teaching. UMMS-Baystate is unique in that we work directly with academic hospitalists in both medicine and pediatrics whose only responsibility is to teach residents. Research opportunities are readily available in both adult and pediatric specialties. Our dedicated Med-Peds clinic boasts an incredible number of patient resources, including subspecialty care, HIV care, tuberculosis clinic, procedure clinic, WIC office, on site laboratory and radiology services, and so much more—all under one roof. We strive to serve one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and we do it with excellence. Our graduates have gone on to have careers in everything from rural primary care to pediatric intensive care, and no matter your career aspirations you will find the support to reach your goals. We think the education you receive here is second to none and you will leave residency ready to conquer whatever challenges you find next.

The People

One of the greatest strengths of our program is the people we work with. Our program supports 8 Med-Peds residents a year, which is not only relatively large for a Med-Peds residency, but also large compared to our categorical Pediatrics and Internal Medicine programs. On the wards and in clinic a large percentage of our faculty are also Med-Peds trained. This makes us a massive Med-Peds presence both in the hospital and the community. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t familiar with the concept of “doctors for kids and for adults” in the Baystate community, and this presence combined with our reputation for excellence allows us to be a highlight in the hospital instead of an afterthought. We are, however, still a small enough residency that we really do feel like a family—which starts with the residents and extends to the program leadership and support staff. We enjoy a uniquely personal relationship with our faculty and program leadership, which provides tremendous mentorship opportunities and support throughout residency. We would challenge you to find a group of people who are more kind, focused, committed, or passionate about their work or their community than the residents here at Baystate.

The Community

Western Massachusetts is a place full of variety and has something to offer everyone. Springfield continues to grow and renew and offers museums, historical sites, restaurants, shows, and the Basketball Hall of Fame. Outside of the city you’ll find tremendous variety. Northampton, which was rated one of the Top 10 Small Cities in America in 2015, has a youthful, adventurous vibe and music scene. East Longmeadow, Easthampton, and Hadley offer multiple parks and recreation, including two mountains. You’ll find biking, kayaking, hiking, swimming, skating, and roller coasters all easily accessible in the Pioneer Valley. Public transportation makes a weekend escape a breeze to nearby cities including New York City, Boston, and Providence.

No matter where you end up being a Med-Peds physician it’s an outstanding and worthwhile career. If you have any questions about Baystate or Med-Peds in general we are happy to help you in your career aspirations, feel free to reach out. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr. Deirdre Lewis Dr. Joshua Price
Deirdre Lewis
Joshua Price