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Internal Medicine Career Tracks

Career tracking for Categorical and Primary Care Internal Medicine as well as Medicine/Pediatrics residents at Baystate has given residents the opportunity to customize their schedules to meet their future career goals. We have expanded those opportunities by offering four optional career tracks to help residents pursue their professional interests.

Community Medicine

This track is based on a philosophy that the traditional medical model must be considered in the contexts of social and political awareness, public health, and community-based work. Participation involves residents having their continuity clinic at Brightwood Health Center, as well as two blocks per year (October and April) throughout residency dedicated to the study and practice of community medicine. One block’s focus is on outpatient clinical skills, while the other block focuses on social issues in health care and academic issues in public health.

Geriatric Medicine

The Geriatric Medicine Track will provide residents opportunities that will enhance their knowledge and clinical experience in geriatric medicine. We anticipate that we will enhance sensitivity to the problems of older patients and improve the quality of care our graduating residents provide to the geriatric population while promoting careers in Geriatrics.

Hospital Medicine and Healthcare Quality

The Hospital Medicine and Healthcare Quality Track is designed for residents interested in a career as a hospital-based specialist as well as those who plan fellowship training (particularly fellowships with a strong inpatient focus). It offers residents the opportunity to train in key areas vital to a career in Hospital Medicine and to acquire core knowledge, skills and attitudes.


The Research Track is a special program for residents with prior experience in clinical research or previous training in internal medicine who wish to pursue a rigorous research program during residency. Highly-motivated individuals without these qualifications may apply to the program as well. The Research Track is particularly appropriate for residents who plan to apply for competitive fellowships and those considering a career in clinical research.