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Emergency Medicine Chief Residents' Message

We love it here. Plain and simple.

In addition to the people (we’ll get to that later), this is an unbelievable place to train.

We See Lots of Patients and Lots of Diagnoses

We work in one of the busiest emergency departments in all of Massachusetts with >115,000 visits per year.

Our ED has 94 beds and provides a constant supply of sick and critically ill patients. In between evaluating everyday chest pain, abdominal pain and sprained ankles, we care for Level-1 Trauma patients, acute stroke patients, and STEMIs.

The variety and volume of patients that we see on a daily basis is unparalleled.

This is an Amazing Place to Learn and Teach

In addition to direct patient care, we serve as a clinical site for rotating medical students and this allows the residents to hone our teaching skills.

We also participate in simulation exercises through Baystate’s Simulation Center to allow us to practice caring for uncommon illnesses and injuries.

Lastly, Baystate has a variety of fellowship programs, including Ultrasound, Administration, Research, Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Wilderness Medicine. Collectively, all of these things provide an amazing place to train and to learn.

Now, Let’s Talk About the People

Our attendings are amazing, and their experience ranges from new graduates fresh out of fellowship to veteran attendings who have been practicing Emergency Medicine for >25 years. Each of our attendings brings a unique perspective to our shifts and their collective desire to teach is inspiring. They encourage resident autonomy while also ensuring that we have enough support to do our jobs safely and effectively while also continuing to learn.

Lastly, and most importantly, our co-residents are the best. We couldn’t ask for better colleagues and friends. When looking at residencies, you want to find a place where you fit in and where you feel supported. This is the place.

We're Excited About Our Plans For This Year

As chief residents for 2023-2024, we want to encourage you to come check us out and see all that Baystate has to offer. We’re proud of our program and can’t wait to make it even better.

Dr Colleen Bannigan
Dr Dean Cataldo
Dr Colton Conrad
Dr Julianne Earle
Colleen Bannigan, DO Dean Cataldo, DO Colton Conrad, MD Julianne Earle, DO