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Anesthesiology Grand Rounds & Symposium

Grand Rounds are held every Thursday morning from 7:00 - 8:00 am. All members of the Anesthesia Department are expected to attend unless they post-call or on vacation.

Residents are expected to deliver 2 Grand Rounds presentations during their residency, usually 1 Basic Science & Clinical Lecture and 1 Morbidity & Mortality Conference.

Grand Rounds Presentations

  1. Anesthesia Grand Rounds
    Anesthesia Grand Rounds are held every Thursday morning from 7:00-8:00 AM in the Chicopee/Agawam room, unless otherwise specified. All anesthesia department members are expected to attend, unless they are post call or on vacation. Residents are expected to deliver 2 Grand Rounds presentations during their residency, one Basic Science/Clinical Update lecture and one M&M conference. Grand Rounds presentations include the following: Basic Science Lecture Series/Updates in Anesthesia; Morbidity & Mortality; “What’s New” in Anesthesia; Point Counter Point; Quality Improvement (QI); Guest Lecture Series; Anesthesia Jeopardy; Research Update
  2. Basic Science & Clinical Lecture Series

    A CA2 or CA3 resident under the direction and advice of a faculty advisor makes a presentation on a subject or current interest or to review a particular area of anesthesia in depth. Faculty advisors are asked to actively participate in assisting residents in preparing for this formal presentation. An alternative to doing a formal presentation that was introduced in 1998's Point-Counter-Point. Residents square off and "Point-Counter-Point" on a controversial subject.

  3. Morbidity & Mortality Conferences

    Residents, under the supervision of their faculty advisor, review an interesting anesthesia case wherein significant morbidity or mortality transpired. The Assistant Director of Education should be consulted to consulted to ascertain an updated M & M roster. Faculty advisors should actively participate in assisting residents to prepare their case(s), and should function as moderator during the presentation.

  4. Anesthesia Quality Improvement (QI)

    QI Conferences are scheduled quarterly and are moderated by the chair of the Anesthesia Quality Improvement Committee (AQIC). These conferences afford the department a forum for presenting data from QI review.

  5. Guest Lecture Series

    Guest lecturers are invited throughout the academic year to deliver Grand Rounds presentations on a topic within their area of expertise. Frequently the guest lecturers are invited to an attending/resident dinner the night before, where residents are given an opportunity to meet with them.

  6. Research Update

    One a year, anesthesia researchers present bullet-point summaries of their completed or ongoing projects to update staff about research within the anesthesia department.

Annual Anesthesiology Symposium

Annually, in the spring, four to six guest lecturers are asked to make presentations on an anesthesiology-related theme from 8:00 am - noon. Topics are highly interesting and of clinical relevance to the practicing anesthesiologist. The symposium is usually held at a local conference hall and attendance is mandatory for residents unless they are on call or vacation. A light breakfast and lunch are provided.