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Message from the Anesthesiology Department Chair

Dr PeterVieiraOur Anesthesiology Residency Program has a long history of excellence in patient care, outstanding resident education and training, and will prepare you to expertly perform in any clinical setting, whether you choose to practice immediately following your residency or decide to extend your training through a fellowship program.

UMMS-Baystate anesthesiology residents consistently demonstrate exemplary regional anesthesia skills through extensive exposure to a robust regional anesthesia training program practiced throughout all surgical subspecialties. As a UMMS-Baystate anesthesiology resident you will hone your regional skills in our busy outpatient orthopedic surgery center (where we perform many thousands of regional blocks per year) as well as in many other surgical subspecialties which are implementing ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) protocols that include regional anesthesia as a means to reduce opioid exposure.

You will also have an extensive exposure to obstetric anesthesia early in your training, allowing not only for the development of expert neuraxial skills but also the ability to manage complex obstetrical patients. In your subspecialty clinical rotations, you will have exposure to a broad variety of complex anesthetics including cardiac, major vascular, thoracic and neurosurgical cases where you will be working alongside your attending who will guide you throughout the management of the patient. Aside from our Pain Medicine Fellowship, where many of our graduating residents have completed their training, UMMS-Baystate does not offer other anesthesia subspecialty fellowships. Our residents have the maximum exposure to complex cases.

At UMMS-Baystate, the regional campus of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, you will be educated alongside hundreds of residents and fellows in a myriad of specialties including Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Psychiatry, combined Medicine/Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, and Radiology. We have a total of 33 Anesthesiology residents and Pain Medicine fellows, as well as over 360 residents and fellows in the remaining specialties at UMMS-Baystate. Baystate Health's educational programs emphasize comraradery, respect, academic advancement, and well-being.

In addition to ensuring comprehensive exposure to all types of surgical cases, we believe it is our duty to foster the development of future leaders in Anesthesiology. We will assist your development as physician managers, leaders and executives of the perioperative process through our excellent didactic programs and clinical instruction. We have a strong mentorship program, giving you consistent career guidance and clinical performance feedback, and paving the way for a successful career.

We have energetic faculty with an enthusiasm for teaching in the operating room, our state of the art simulation laboratory, during journal clubs, case conferences, mock oral examinations, written board reviews, and in the classroom. Our full-time faculty members have diverse training and medical backgrounds and therefore you will learn a wide variety of techniques and approaches. We will help you develop expert knowledge and skills in anesthesiology subspecialties such as cardiac, neuro, thoracic, pediatric, obstetric, vascular, orthopedic, regional, and general anesthesiology. We are also one of the few training programs with a two-month long curriculum to teach advanced airway management skills. Numerous articles published in the anesthesia literature reflect the Department's academic strength. We focus on delivering the highest quality of care to our patients, while partnering with you to build a foundation for a successful career as an anesthesiologist. We begin the process during your internship year and will work hand in hand until you become a confident and skilled specialist making real contributions to our field.

Our location places us at the "crossroads of New England" with an easy drive to Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Boston, skiing, lakes, and serene mountain climbing and hiking. For those who like to remain close to friends and family, we are within 90 miles from Boston, New Haven, Providence, and Albany. When it's time to really travel, Bradley International Airport, which is only 20 miles away, has major airlines that serve every corner of the country.

As I am a former Baystate Anesthesiology Resident I can safely state that it is my belief that after completing your residency at UMMS-Baystate, you will possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to be an expert consultant in anesthesiology in any clinical setting having been trained in a comfortable and supportive environment by exceptional faculty.

We are fully committed to our residents becoming well qualified, board certified consultants in Anesthesiology. Please email me or other program team members so we may provide additional information.


Peter A. Vieira, MD

Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, UMMS-Baystate