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Anesthesiology Residency at UMass Chan - Baystate

When you graduate from our ACGME-accredited Anesthesiology residency, you will be well-versed in a broad range of essential clinical skills.

You will enjoy the respect of your peers as an accomplished consultant with the necessary attributes to be a leader in your future clinical endeavors.

Develop Expert Airway Management Skills

Our curriculum features 2 months of dedicated airway rotation. This provides you with the expert airway management skills necessary to become a leader in the field.

You will develop advanced skills in awake and asleep fiberoptic intubations, video laryngoscopy, intubating LMA placement, double lumen tube placement, bronchial blockers, and needle cricothyroidotomy. As a CA2 resident, you are the first responder for emergency intubations throughout the hospital, a critical experience to have.

Diagnose Perioperatively with Point of Care Ultrasound

Our newly developed point of care ultrasound courses and rotation are in high demand. You will become facile at lung scanning, transthoracic echocardiography (utilized daily to diagnose cardiac conditions), stomach scanning, and more under the guidance of our 20+ faculty instructors.

You will be able to diagnose respiratory and cardiac conditions perioperatively, impacting decision making and patient therapy.

Master the Art and Science of Regional Anesthesia 

You'll learn to place peripheral nerve catheters in just about any anatomical location—a key to our patient satisfaction and efficiency.

Trained by our skilled faculty, you will learn serratus anterior, rectus sheath, erector spinae and transversus abdomis plane blocks in addition to traditional nerve blocks. You will also become adept at combined spinal-epidural and dural puncture techniques when caring for laboring patients.

Learn Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocols

We are at the forefront for ERAS protocols in cardiac, thoracic, joint, and general surgery.

Learning these advanced clinical protocols with us allows our graduates to become the ultimate consultants!

One-On-One Exposure to the Complex Cases

Our clinical volume of more than 36,000 cases per year means you will see an extremely wide variety of cases—from the complicated to those typically seen in a community setting.

Many departments with our case volume have two or three times more residents than we do. Our smaller cohort of residents assures that you will have plenty of one-on-one exposure to high acuity cases.

The Anesthesiology Residency at UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate is ACGME-accredited.