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Anesthesiology Residency at UMMS-Baystate

When you graduate from our ACGME-accredited Anesthesiology residency, you will be well-versed in a broad range of essential clinical skills, an expert in airway management, and display sound clinical judgment.

You will enjoy the respect of your peers as an accomplished consultant and possess the necessary attributes to be a leader in your future clinical endeavors.

Advanced Airway Management Skills

Our curriculum features two focused months on the Advanced Airway rotation using all three advanced techniques—both flexible and rigid fiberoptics and intubating LMA—to intubate patients.

Because two-thirds of anesthesia programs in this country do not offer any formalized instruction in this area, our graduates typically become leaders of difficult airway management practice and training.

One-on-one Exposure to the Big Cases

Our clinical volume of more than 36,000 cases per year means you will see an extremely wide variety of cases from the complicated to those typically seen in a community setting.

Many departments with our case volume have two or three times more residents than we do. Our relatively small number of residents assures that you will have plenty of one-on-one exposure to high acuity cases.

A Friendly, Supportive Place to Learn

With approximately two faculty members for each resident, we are able to develop closer, more effective resident-faculty relationships.

We have a strong mentorship program, giving you consistent career guidance and clinical performance feedback, and paving the way for a successful career.

The Anesthesiology Residency at UMass Medical School-Baystate is ACGME-accredited.