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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Curriculum

Our Mission

Improve mental health services to children in western Massachusetts, in New England, and across our nation.

We work towards our mission by training new child and adolescent psychiatrists who are capable of serving a wide range of community mental health needs with their well-developed and demonstrative clinical skills, academic acumen, leadership abilities, and interpersonal strengths.

Curriculum Goals

Our graduate child psychiatrists will be particularly adept at initiating, engaging, and maintaining professional relations with patients, providers, and community stakeholders who are invested in further promoting the needs of vulnerable youth in a multitude of settings, including general pediatric and community health practices.

They will be welcomed by colleagues and the community for their abilities as consultants to our many allied professionals and dedicated providers who are actively involved in promoting healthy outcomes for the children they serve in various settings—schools, juvenile justice programs, community mental health agencies, state and local social service institutions and primary health care offices.

Our graduates—with their requisite curiosity, self-reflection and awareness, altruism, enthusiasm, empathy, creativity, and playfulness—will be child psychiatrists with proven excellence in variety of domains:

  • Strong clinical assessment skills using a developmentally informed, multi-dimensional perspective that incorporates biographical, biological, contextual, and cultural elements from their patients’ lives
  • Applying contemporary neuroscientific principles and knowledge of the major psychotherapeutic, psychopharmacologic and interventional modalities to promote recovery, resilience, adaptability, and proactive strategies to reduce further suffering for their patients
  • Fluent in latest research techniques and methodology, and have opportunities to contribute to our scholarly pursuit of understanding these complicated neurodevelopmental processes further and to inform and promote further academic, administrative and clinical services to enhance outcomes for our dedicated mental health interventions for children and adolescents

Year 1 Block Schedule

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Year 1 Block Schedule

Year 2 Block Schedule

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Year 2 Block Schedule A
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Year 2 Block Schedule A

1. FAC: Baystate Family Advocacy Center 2. BACC: Bridging and Acute Care Clinic 3. BHN: Behavioral Health Network 3. TBD: To Be Determined from various electives