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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Curriculum

Our Mission

Improve mental health services to children in western Massachusetts, in New England, and across our nation.

We work towards our mission by training new child and adolescent psychiatrists who are capable of serving a wide range of community mental health needs with their well-developed and demonstrative clinical skills, academic acumen, leadership abilities, and interpersonal strengths.

Curriculum Goals

  • Training Child Psychiatrists to become adept at working with children of all ages and their families who present with a variety of mental health concerns in a compassionate, culturally informed, evidence informed way. 
  • Ability to apply contemporary neuroscientific principles and knowledge of the major psychotherapeutic, psychopharmacologic and interventional modalities to promote recovery, resilience, adaptability and proactive strategies to reduce further suffering for their patients. 
  • Prepared to be leaders in their field through building effective relationships with other specialties and furthering their skills of professionalism. 
  • Fostering lifelong learning through integration of academic activities, teaching, and scholarly projects locally through Baystate Medical Center practices and nationally through professional organizations.
  • Teaching that promotes recognition and acceptance of individual and cultural differences, respect for diversity, and understanding of social determinants of health and structural health inequities that are impacting our community and beyond. 

We offer a flexible, customizable experience in a variety of practice settings including the Child Partial Hospital program,  inpatient Child Consultation work at Baystate Children's’ Hospital, Child Emergency Psychiatry work in the Pediatric ED at Baystate Medical Center, outpatient mental health clinic, and outpatient consultations for families across the state.  We have a variety of elective opportunities and medical education experiences including options to teach and mentor psychiatry residents, pediatric residents and medical students from UMass Chan Medical School– Baystate PURCH track (add link?). 
The Fellowship is focused on your education and career goals; our services run independent of fellows and does not rely on fellows to manage service volume.

Year 1 Block Schedule


1 (2 months)

2 (5 months)

3 (5 months)


Baystate Medical Center Baystate Medical Center Baystate Medical Center

Rotation Name

Summer Intensive Introduction to Child Psychiatry Baystate Child Partial Hospital Program Child Psychiatry Consultation / Emergency Psychiatry Service

% Outpatient

0 10 10


12.5% 12.5% 12.5%

Year 2 Block Schedule 

2 Months 2 Months 2 Months 2 Months 2 Months 2 Months
Outpatient Psychopharmacology Clinic (OPC) OPC
MCPAP Ambulatory Care Consultation MCAP MCAP MCAP MCAP MCAP
Psychotherapy Training (Trauma -Focused CBT) OPC
Center For Young Children and Families (CFYCF) (CFYCF) (CFYCF) Neurology Forensics  School
DB Peds Neuropsych Eating Disorder Elective Elective Elective








1. FAC: Baystate Family Advocacy Center 2. BACC: Bridging and Acute Care Clinic 3. BHN: Behavioral Health Network 3. TBD: To Be Determined from various electives