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Allied Health Pre-Placement

The pre-placement clearance process involves completing all your paperwork and obtaining clearance prior to your anticipated start date. Pre-placement paperwork should begin at least 4 weeks in advance of your start date to avoid potential delays. Pre-placement clearance includes obtaining health clearance, background clearance, and completing the required Patient Confidentiality, HIPAA, and Safety & Health criteria.

Before you can begin the pre-placement paperwork, your clinical experience must be secured by your school or yourself.

  • If your school has arranged the clinical experience on your behalf, then your academic program is affiliated with BMC.
  • All other students seeking clinical experiences shall contact the Allied Health Office at 413-794-4466 or

The final step in the clearance process is to obtain your ID badge and parking privileges. Once you have been cleared, the AHE will contact the student to make these arrangements.