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Adolescent Eating Disorders Program

Expert Care for Eating Disorders

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Many teens and adolescents worry about how they look. This concern can lead to eating disorders that, without treatment, can cause life-long physical and emotional health problems.

If your preteen or teen is struggling with unhealthy eating behaviors or has been diagnosed with an eating disorder, Baystate Children’s Hospital can help. Talk to your child’s primary care provider about a referral to our outpatient Adolescent Eating Disorders Program.

No Appetite - or Anorexia?

Some eating disorders that your child could be facing are anorexia, bulimia, body image disorders, and others. Our Adolescent Eating Disorders Program meets the needs of children, teens, and young adults through age 21. At any age, these serious medical problems need professional treatment.

Treatment is provided on an outpatient basis unless complications require an admission.

Recognize Signs of Eating Disorders

The following could be signs of an eating disorder:

  • Taking in few calories, leading to significantly low body weight
  • Fear of gaining weight or becoming fat
  • Persistent behaviors that interfere with weight gain
  • Undesired body weight or shape
  • Low self-esteem in body shape or weight

Your Child’s Eating Disorders Care Team

Our Eating Disorders team provides expert diagnosis and outpatient treatment for eating disorders. These include physical and emotional health conditions that may result from or come along with eating disorders.

Our goal is to provide your child with support and education to manage an eating disorder and work toward recovery. Our physicians, dietitians, psychiatrists, nurses, and specialists in adolescent medicine, child psychiatry, and behavioral medicine work together to stabilize your child’s eating behavior and health. We’ll then work through any concerns that may have led to the eating disorder.

We also provide nutrition coaching and guidance about returning to activities, and connect you with other resources, as needed.

Family-Based Treatments

Family support for children with eating disorders is an important part of recovery. Family-based treatment and therapies can help the child learn healthy eating patterns that can work in real life.

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