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Guide to Infant Care

You Don't Have to Be Perfect

Being a parent can be a high-pressure job. You may be feeling some of that pressure already as you begin to juggle caring for your baby, managing your home, getting back in shape, staying in touch with family and friends, and perhaps preparing to return to a job outside of your home.

Sometimes parents take on all these responsibilities and expect to perform perfectly in every one. To make matters worse, life with a new baby offers very few moments to put your feet up and simply give yourself a break.

If you feel overwhelmed from time to time, consider lowering your standards and accepting “good enough” rather than “perfect.” For example, if your home isn’t as neat as it was before baby came along, so be it. When your children are grown, you can have a perfectly clean home again.

All that your baby really needs is parents who understand and adores him. Along with sensitivity to your child’s needs, perspective and a sense of humor will help you succeed in the years ahead.

When it comes to the best care techniques, we're here to help! Find answers to common infant care questions below, and know that a variety of support resources are available, from breastfeeding help to parenting groups and more. 

Tips for Infant Care