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Resources for New Parents and Families

Parenting Info & Tips

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Resources for New Parents and Families

You're Not Alone – Your Village is Here

What kind of support and care do you need to help you through your parenting journey? At Baystate Health, we provide a wealth of education and support for expectant parents and families. We're here to help answer questions, explore topics, and find the resources you need. 

We can help through every stage of pregnancy, childbirth, delivery, and beyond. Childbirth and parent classes cover a range of topics, from childbirth and breastfeeding to grandparenting and babysitting. We also offer support groups for new parents and families.

Information For Every Stage

Healthy Pregnancy

How to choose a provider, what medicines and foods are safe, and more.

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Caring for Your Infant

Soothing techniques, feeding, when to call the doctor, and more. 

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Parenting Toddlers

Learn toddler stages, health needs, milestones, and more.

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Preparing for Childbirth

Learn what to expect, from stages through recovery.

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