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Supporting you through your birthing journey

At The Birthplace at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, we're here to empower you with a personalized experience.

The Birthplace at Baystate Franklin Medical Center

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You won't give birth
alone at BFMC.

At The Birthplace at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, we're dedicated to supporting you as you bring your baby into the world. Whether your birth plan includes a water birth or patient-controlled epidural anesthesia, you can expect high-quality, compassionate care.

If you’re considering starting care with us, please schedule a free “meet and greet” visit to learn more. We provide prenatal care at Pioneer Women’s Health in Greenfield and Northampton.


We are a midwife-driven team, offering safe and respectful care to both low risk and high risk patients. This means that you can have a midwife birth even if you have certain medical problems or complications during your pregnancy. We are highly educated professionals, certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board, with backgrounds in both nursing and midwifery.

We work closely with our supportive team of obstetricians, who provide medical consultation and surgical care when necessary. Our team also includes compassionate nurses with extensive training in obstetrics. Many Birthplace nurses bring their own skills to work, including infant massage, lactation consulting, Maya abdominal massage, and aromatherapy.

We uphold human dignity, autonomy, and consent throughout your pregnancy and birth process. We will partner with you to ensure you receive the care you need and the experience you want.

bfmc birthplace roomLABOR & DELIVERY SERVICES

We provide new moms and their families a safe, personalized experience with a full range of obstetric amenities, including:

  • A spa room, where you can enjoy your own music and dimmed lighting while soaking in a Jacuzzi tub
  • Immersion tubs for laboring and water births (we use these often, and also offer wireless, waterproof fetal monitoring)
  • Pain management choices, including hydrotherapy, nitrous oxide, and patient-controlled epidural anesthesia or spinal anesthesia
  • Labor balls and squatting bars
  • A private suite overlooking Franklin County
  • Complimentary celebration meal with your partner
  • Interpreter services
  • Rooming-in accommodations for your partner
  • Room service
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Family centered, gentle c-section
  • Supportive home birth back-up

We safely support vaginal birth in a variety of situations, including if you have had a prior c-section, or if you have twins or a breech baby. If you have concerns or questions about your birthing options, talk with a midwife.

We welcome your labor support people. We work closely with many local doulas and would be happy to help you find doula care if you wish.

See our list of what to pack for the hospital.

Inclusive Prenatal Care

Our prenatal care is highly individualized. We do our best to meet each family’s unique needs. We use inclusive language, and our office staff and obstetric nurses have gone through special training to make sure we make everyone welcome—regardless of gender identify, sexual partnerships, or family structure. We are open to hearing about how we can best care for you.

We also offer services to help you start a family, including IUI (intrauterine insemination), sperm washing, and partner-assisted inseminations.


Childbirth classes and breastfeeding groups are held in the Birthplace Classroom at Baystate Franklin Medical Center and taught by Birthplace nurses and skilled childbirth educators. Learn more and register for classes.

Call 413-773-2359 for more information about The Birthplace.

Breastfeeding Support at The Birthplace

We support moms through all phases of their journeys, including breastfeeding and pumping. Learn more about breastfeeding support at Baystate Health.


Breastfeeding Support