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Family Cancer Risk Program

Genetic testing for breast and other types of cancer has changed a lot in recent years. Media exposure has generated a greater awareness of genetic testing, but doesn’t always paint a complete picture.

The Family Cancer Risk Program provides patients with a coordinated, multifaceted team to guide them through every step. Our goal is to provide the right test, to the right person, at the right time.

Our team of medical oncologists and genetic counselors helps you navigate what can be a complex process. We provide valuable details about your genetic makeup and clarity on what to do next.

Next Steps

If you are referred for genetic testing, our navigator will work with you by phone or secure email to gather:

  •  A three-generation family cancer history
  •  Information about family members who have had genetic testing
  •  Copies of those test results

Once the information has been collected, your integrated team meets to tailor an individual plan for you and determine next steps. They select the best laboratory to use for the type of testing you need and your medical insurance requirements.

After Testing

If your tests reveal a genetic mutation:

  •  You will meet with a genetic counselor to discuss your results.
  •  You will meet with a medical oncologist to develop strategies for cancer risk reduction and surveillance. This may include follow-up in our High Risk Screening Program.

If your tests do not reveal a gene mutation, you may still be at increased risk of developing cancer due to family history or other factors.

  •  You will receive counseling from a nurse practitioner to discuss other factors that may still put you at higher risk.
  •  The nurse practitioner may recommend additional screenings.
  •  You may receive follow-up care through our High Risk Screening Clinic.

No test can predict when and if you will have cancer. However, our team of certified genetics counselors and medical oncologists can give you the information you need to make the best decisions for your future health.

The Baystate Family Cancer Risk Program is located at:
3350 Main Street in Springfield