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We're Your Partner in Breast Health

Baystate Health’s dedicated breast care specialists offer care, guidance, and support throughout your breast health journey. Learn more about our services.

Breast Care & Wellness

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Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our breast care team members: 413-794-8899

Complete, Compassionate Care for Breast Cancer and Breast Diseases

Many women will experience some type of breast condition or change during their lives. Fortunately, most of these conditions are not breast cancer. In fact, 80% or more of these conditions are benign (noncancerous). However, these benign breast diseases still require expert care and management.

Baystate Health’s comprehensive breast health program provides you with the personalized care you need for breast conditions. Our breast care team members see patients throughout our many breast care centers.

Whether you’re due for your annual mammogram, you have a concern about your breast health, or you’ve been referred to us by your primary care doctor or another provider, you can expect breast care that meets our high standards for quality.

Our Breast Care Options

We provide advanced diagnostic and treatment services for the full range of benign breast diseases, including breast lumps, cysts, and more complex conditions. Learn more about the breast conditions we treat and how we treat them.

Breast Disease Prevention and Detection

Lowering your risk for benign breast diseases, combined with regular self-screening, increases your chances of avoiding serious complications, including breast cancer. Learn about our guidelines for breast health and how to do a breast self-exam.

Answers to Your Questions About Breast Care

It’s normal to have questions about your breast health. We hear all the time from patients like you who are concerned about their risk for breast disease, whether they should get tested, what can increase their risk, and other serious matters.

We’ve collected these and more frequently asked questions from our experts to help put your mind at ease. Find answers to your breast care questions.

Partners in Breast Care

We work closely with colleagues throughout the Baystate Health system to ensure you get the advanced breast care you deserve. Learn more about these related specialties:

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