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About My Bill

How do I request an itemized bill?

Call Patient Billing Services at 413-794-9999 or 877-461-1931. 

Why did I receive several bills for one visit?

You may receive bills for facility charges while in the hospital, including charges for room, operating and recovery room charges, nursing and technical support, rehabilitation, pharmacy, and supply charges.  You may also receive bills from the physician, as well as bills from the Laboratory, the Radiology Department, and anesthesiologists.

How can I acquire a list of payments for tax purposes?

For hospital bills: Please call our representatives at 413-794-9999 or toll free at 877-461-1931. They will be able to process your request for you. For Baystate Medical Practices physician bills: Please call our representatives at 413-794-5700 or toll free at 800-436-6865.

What services are covered under Free Care (Health Safety Net)?

If you qualify for Health Safety Net (HSN), medically necessary services are covered. For specific questions, contact MassHealth toll free at 800-332-5545 to speak with a  Free Care Specialist. Please note that physician's charges are not covered under the HSN guidelines. Due to the affiliation of your physicians with Baystate Health, should you call and request HSN coverage for these services we will be happy to assist you.

Can I estimate my fees before an appointment?

Yes, you can estimate most fees in advance of services through our Price Estimate Tool. If you have any questions, contact us. 

Radiology and Anesthesiology

Estimates for services do not include charges from radiologists or anesthesiologists. To obtain those separate estimates, please call:

  • Springfield Anesthesia at 413-796-7494
  • Baystate Medical Center Radiology & Imaging at 800-688-6663
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center Radiology & Imaging at 800-524-2554
  • Baystate Mary Lane Hospital Radiology & Imaging at 800-688-6663