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In 2004, the doors opened at the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care. The facility was revolutionary for its time, boasting comforting colors and large panel windows that let the sunlight cascade in. This was the first cancer program in the area to build a free-standing facility and develop processes totally focused around patients and their needs.

This year, the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care celebrated its 15th anniversary. There to celebrate were Charlie and Elizabeth D’Amour, who helped make the center a reality with a generous gift. Fifteen years later, their gift continues to give.

A Gift In Action

For patients like Thomas Wilbon, having access to a care facility of this caliber in his community has made a big difference in his life.

In April 2018, Thomas was diagnosed with cancer. Entering the infusion suite for his first chemotherapy appointment at the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care, Thomas felt jittery. He was nervous about the treatment and unsure of what to expect. The first treatment left him feeling under the weather and a bit defeated.

“That first day, it was tough for me,” said Thomas. “But after I got through it, the staff there just made me feel at home. I knew I was going to a very safe place and there was a lot of love there.”

The love spans more than just the medical team, it includes the donors who pledged their support to the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care more than a decade ago.

“During my visits, I realized that many people have made donations to help make the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care what it is today,” shared Thomas. “I feel so fortunate that people in the community cared to create a space that has helped me.”


Onward And Upward

Recently, Dr. Syed Ali told Thomas he was ready to move on and only needed to be monitored annually.

“It was a joyful moment when Dr. Ali told me that,” shared Thomas, who attributes his improved health to staying positive, having faith, and advancements in technology.

“Years ago, when you first heard the word ‘cancer’ the first thing you thought was that your life was over with,” he shared. “The modern technology in the medical field is so advanced now that people are living out their life expectancies and living them happily.”

A Caring Place

Thomas will go on living happily, spending time with his family, going to church, and taking walks. He’s made a commitment to continue eating healthy, being active, and staying positive. Though his journey started out riddled with uncertainty, his feelings about receiving care have now changed.

“To those who may be on the same journey I am, don’t fear the D’Amour Center because if you need services, it’s a lovely, caring place.”

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