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PURCH Student Kendall Burdick Sparks Child Electrical Safety Initiative for Springfield Families

October 07, 2022
PURCH Class of 2023 Medical Student Kendall Burdick

Kendall Burdick, a fourth year medical student in the Population-based Urban and Rural Community Health (PURCH) Track, was the impetus behind a child safety initiative at Square One, a Springfield-based organization that provides family support services to ~1,500 families each year.

The initiative will provide families served by Square One with electrical outlet covers, thousands of which were donated by Rocky's Ace Hardware, to help protect children from severe electrical shock and burns.

Burdick, Class of 2023, has been involved with Square One since 2020 when she did a Population and Community Health Clerkship there that addressed food insecurity by implementing a farm to preschool initiative.

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