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Radioactive Seed Localization Program Finds Success at Baystate Noble Hospital

July 05, 2021
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On June 3, 2020, the first Radioactive Seed Localization breast surgery was performed at Baystate Noble Hospital. Previously only done at Baystate Medical Center, the procedure is a leading-edge, more accurate technique replacing the standard wire-localization procedure for women with breast cancer who will undergo a lumpectomy. Proceeds from the 2019 Baystate Noble Ball played a significant role in the expansion of this offering to Baystate Noble Hospital.

“It is amazing to see what can happen when we come together as a community for the greater good,” said Kevin O’Connor, 2019 chair of the Baystate Noble Ball. “When you see these fundraising efforts take on life, it feels like you have truly made a difference.”

The technique employs advanced radiologic imaging, which allows surgeons to locate breast tumors and make more precise incisions and to remove the cancer in its entirety with minimal disturbance to the surrounding breast tissue.

As of early April, 120 cases have been performed at Baystate Noble Hospital – a significant increase in volume and in utilization of the operating spaces. The team involved with these procedures at Baystate Noble Hospital is the same one at Baystate Medical Center, from the surgeons to the pathologists, creating a cohesive experience for patients. Offering this procedure outside of Springfield provides patients more location options to receive specialty surgery.

“Patients love Noble – it’s a calm and quiet environment,” shared Dr. Holly Mason, Section Chief, Breast Surgery. “Offering this program here allows us to build the awareness of what Baystate Noble has to offer, including high-quality specialty care.”

The success of the program at Baystate Noble Hospital has led to the decision to expand it to Baystate Franklin Medical Center, offering patients the option to have the procedure in the recently built surgical center.

“We are excited to be able to grow the Radioactive Seed Localization breast surgery program in Franklin County,” shared Ron Bryant, President of Baystate Noble Hospital and Baystate Franklin Medical Center – Northern Region. “We are offering patients more options to receive specialty care and utilizing our operating spaces in new ways as we increase opportunities for growth at our community hospitals.”

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