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Loyalty Circle

Our Loyalty Circle Brings People Together

BHFLoyaltyCircle250The amount doesn’t matter. A commitment to Baystate Health’s mission of providing excellent healthcare to the community does. Donors who demonstrate their support with an annual donation for five consecutive years or more are invited to Baystate Health Foundation’s Loyalty Circle.

Baystate Health Foundation’s newest donor recognition group is designed to bring a diverse group of friends together with a common interest in matters of health. Together we will connect more closely with the Baystate Health team, gaining insight and understanding of today’s healthcare challenges and opportunities.

Loyalty Circle Members will receive:
• Invitations to special events
• Exclusive updates on healthcare initiatives taking place at Baystate Health

Members of the Loyalty Circle will be recognized annually on the Baystate Health website. Your engagement can start today. If you are already an annual donor, we will notify you and celebrate your fifth-consecutive giving year with an invitation.

For more information, please contact Kathy Tobin, Director of Annual Giving & Events at

2021 Loyalty Circle

+ = deceased

Christopher Ollari, MD and Mary-Alice Abbott, MD
Sharon and Laurence Abbott
ABC Supply Co., Inc.
Mohammed Abdel-Azim
Ronald and Gladys+ Abdow
Acme Metals & Recycling, Inc.
Steven Adair
Robert and Nancy Adams
Douglas Adler
Advance Mfg. Co., Inc.
Agawam Junior High School
Margaret Agnoli
Robert and Mary Ellen Ahearn
Naomi Aina
Anthony Albano
Jane and Brad Albert
Alegria Dance and Fitness, LLC
Ronald Aleman
Marguerite and Richard Alexander, MD
Dean Alfange
All Hose, Inc.
Holley Allen, MD and Jacques Blanchet, MD
William Allen
Alpha Imaging, LLC
Alpha Oil Company, Inc.
George and Susan Alvord
Sons of the American Legion - Detachment of Massachusetts
Barbara Anderson
Thomas and Cynthia Anderson
Christina Andrews
Stuart Anfang, MD and Michelle Kosche Anfang, MD
Antonacci Family Foundation
Leigh and Joseph Arabik
Arbella Insurance Foundation, Inc.
Andrew Artenstein, MD and Debra Pacheco-Artenstein
Amy Ashford
Aspen Square Management, Inc.
Theresa Asselin
Astro Chemicals, Inc.
Harold Atwater
Sudeep Aulakh, MD
David and Kathryn Aylward
Ayotte & King for Tile, Inc.
Paul and Debbie Bachini
Bacon Wilson, P.C.
Robert and Andrea Bacon
Michelle Baillargeon
Kelly Baker
Martha Baker, MD
John Balboni
Andrew Balder, MD and Cynthia Sommer
Joseph and Sherry Balzano
Jessica and Gregory Banever, MD
Barbara Barbato
Alisa Barber
Richard and Dorothy Bardsley
Ruth and George+ Barham
Richard and Carol Barker
Dawn and Robert Barkman, MD
Lucina Barrett
Kelli Barrieau
Robert and Kerry Bartini
Diane Bassett Zable and Paul Zable
James Bassett
Shannon Bates
Judy Battista
Jennifer Battles
Lois Baush
Baystate Breast & Wellness Center
Baystate MRI & Imaging, LLC
Baystate Ob/Gyn Group, Inc.
Baystate Restoration Group, LLC
Sarah Beaulieu
Eric and Laura Beck
Catherine Belhumeur
Margaret Bell
Sandra Bellatonio Ravelli, MD
Belmont Laundry, Inc.
Paul Benoit
Eileen Bens
Lori and Scott Berg
Carol and Ronald Berger, MD
Kenneth and Sharon Bernard
Martin and Diane Berneche
William and Kathryn Berthiaume
Penny and Anthony Bertolasio
Patricia Bertone-Gross
Joel and Betsy Bertuzzi
Marie and Channing Bete, Jr.
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Kenneth and Diane Bigelow
Chris and Candace Bignell
Mary Ann Bilodeau
Anne Biscaldi-Germain
Jolene Blackburn
Karolyn Blanchette
Mary Jo Blomberg
Linda Bodman
Nancy Boistelle
Charlotte Boney, MD and Charles Lasitter
Kit Sang Boos and Stephen Boos, MD
Lisa Bottego
Jason Boudreau
Michelle Boudreau
Suzanne and John Boudreau
Lorraine Bourassa
Jessica Bourgault
Allen and Nancy Bousquet
Julianne Bowler
Elizabeth Boyle, MD and Richard Norman
Deborah and Peter Bradley
Barbara Braem-Jensen and Robert Jensen
Iris Braica
Sheila Braithwaite
Sandy Brault
John H. and Barbara N. Breck Charitable Foundation
Kathleen and Edward Breck III
Barbara Breen
Sarah Breen
David and Elizabeth Brewer
Louise Briggs
Christina and Raymond Broderick
Anthony and Jean Brodowski
Kathleen and Lenard Bronner
Jennifer Brooks
Ann Brousseau
Linda Brown
Susan Brown
Darlene Brunelle
Michelle Brunton
Peter Brush
Gladys Brut
Ronald and Eileen Bryant
Cindy Buckel
Susan and Richard Budrewicz
Ramiro Buenrostro
Susan Bujold
Bulkley Richardson
Daniel Burack and Debra Boronski-Burack
Emily Burd
Gary Burdick
Herbert & Josephine Burk Noble Hospital Fund @ CFWM
Barbara Burke
Julie Burke
Rosemarie Burke
Millie and Ron Burkman, MD
Joan Burkot
Stephen and Donna Burrall
Timothy and Chris Burtch
Tommie Lee Burton
Cathleen Butler
Lisa Butler
Kimberly Caldon
Marcia Caloon
Kimberly and Victor Calvanese
Joanne Cangro
Q. Jackie Cao, MD
Amanda Carabine
Andrea and Robert Carey
John and Joan Carlin
Lisa Carloni
Clifford and Susan Carlson
Justyna Carlson
George and Marilyn Carney
Robert and Kathleen Carolan
Carol Carr
Luis and Tammy Carrasquillo
Carter McLeod Paper and Packaging, Inc.
Lucia and James Carvalho
Carrie and Robert Casaceli
Allie Casey
Marie Cassetta
Henry and Janis Castonguay
Maureen and John Cauley, Jr.
Maureen Cauley
Petra Cervoni
Douglas and Virginia Cesan
Russell Charest
Amy Chasse
Chatham-Beech Charitable Foundation
Evelyn and Enrique Chavez
Chicopee FireFighters Local 1710
Child's Play Charity
Richard Chin
John and Jeanne Chistolini
Roseann Chojnowski
Cheryl and Mark Christianson
Lois Cignoli
City Tire Company, Inc.
Erin Clark
Douglas and Amy Clarke
Lori Clarke, MD
Rebecca Clemente, MD
Pamela and James Cline
Joanne and John Coach, Jr., MD
Diane Cody
Patricia and Glen Coffelt
Claire Cohen-Stelzer
Robert and Mary Cohn
Mary Gail Cokkinias
Frank and Norma Colaccino
Chellis and Cheryl Collins
Mary Collins
Stephen Collins. Jr.
Deborah Collins-DiSanti and Samuel DiSanti
Denise Colon
Toni Colson
The Colvest Group
Commercial Distributing Co., Inc.
Committee to Elect Domenic J. Sarno
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Geraldine Conboy
Barbara Conlin
Connecticut Portable Storage, LLC
Marcia Conrad
Construction Laborers' Union Local 999
Linda Contois
Paul and Joyce Contois
Donna-Rae and Anthony Contrada
Control Module, Inc.
Colleen Convery
Jenna and John Jackson
Francis and Loretta Cooney
Claudia Coplein, DO and John Kreinest
Stephen and Maureen Corrigan
Michael Coscore
Maxine Costa
Kris Costanzo
Costco Wholesale Corp.
Gilbert Cote
Sonia Cotto
Patricia Coughlin
Country Bank
Raymond Couture
Creek Massage Therapy
Kristine Crimmins
Christina Cronin and Mark Langevin
Cynthia Cronin
Edward and Jeanne Cronin
Michael and Elizabeth Crowley
Susan and Gary Crowley
Daisy and Victor Cruz
Jeanette Cruz
James and Jen Cullen
Elizabeth Cullinan
Jane Cullinan
Homer Curtis, DMD
Custom Ink, LLC
Patricia Cutler
Mary Ellen Czepiel-Terlik
Stephen Czuchra
Elizabeth D'Agostino
Miranda Dal Zovo
Joan Daly
Kerry Damon
Charles and Elizabeth D'Amour
Donald and Michele D'Amour
Janet D'Amours
Steven and Amy Dane
Judith Daniele
Marion Dasco
Cary Dash, MD and Vivian Miller, MD
Dave's Soda & Pet City, Inc.
Jo-Ann Davis and David Longworth, MD
Cynthia Dearborn
Maryann Decker
Robert DeFazio
Joanne DeGeorge
Lucy deGozzaldi
Deliso Financial Services
Jean Deliso and Lisa Doherty
Joanne and Richard Dernoga
Albert Desjardins
Kenneth and Tammie Deso
Jennifer and Mark DeSpirito
Deborah Desroches
Harriet and Raymond DeVerry
Charlene Diamond
Michelle Diamond
Amy Dias
Maria Dias
George+ and Sharon Dickerman
Susan and Robert Dickson
Paul DiDomenico
Michael and Cyndi Dillon
Anthony and Louise Disa
Dianne Doherty
Martha Doktor-Munro
Richard and Donna Doleva
Carlo Domenichini
Jason Dominick
Tamara Dominick
Clara Domnarski
David and Ann Donaldson
Nancy Donofrio
Linda and William Donoghue III
Richard and Bernadine+ Dooley
Doris and William Doyle, MD
Matthew Drapeau
Julie Driscoll
Joan Drozdal
Christine Drumheller
Karen and Michael Drumheller
William Dube
Renee Dufresne
Melissa Duggan
George and Kathy Dulchinos
Angus and Laurel Dun
Jessica Dupont
Chantal Dupuis
Timothy and Kathy Duquette
Audrey Dyjak
AnnMarie Dymon
Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corp.
Eastern Architectural Representatives
Easthampton Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 1876
Robert Eastwood
David and Janet Echeverria
Norma Ejsmont
Elevage Partners
Diane Elkhay
Julie Elkhay
Linda Enderwick
Paul and Deborah Engel
Ethan Taylor Benevolent Fund
Christopher Ethier and Barbara Ferrante
Ann and Paul+ Eurkus
Excel Dryer, Inc.
Ronald Fahle
Todd and Michelle Fairman
Lori Fallon
Barbara and Roger Farrell
Elizabeth and Timothy Farris, Esq.
Jennifer Faulkner and Craig Kupinsky
James Fearrington
Constance and Robert Fedora
Robert and Jane Feinberg
Lisa and Edward Feldmann, MD
Laura and Kenneth Fellows
Marlene Felton and Michael Clark
William and Jeanine Ferguson
Sarah and Armand Fernandes
Melissa Fernette
Erin and Peter Ferraro
Edith Ferrero
Christine Ferst
Peter and Monika Fett
Field Services, LLC
Carla Figueroa
Theodore Fijal
Louise and Robert Findlater
Harriet and Rick Fingeroth, MD
Deborah and Robert Finnegan
Jonathan Finnerty
First Church of Christ in Longmeadow, UUC
Steven Fischel, MD and Lisa Plantefaber, MD
Brittany Fisher
Cheryl Fitzgerald
Richard FitzGerald
Krystal Flechsig
Margot and Richard Fleck, Jr.
Jane and Edward Fleming III
Dawn Fleury
Sarah Flinker
Carol Flouton
Lynn and William+ Foggle
Maria and Daniel Fonseca
Stephanie Foote
Stephen and Mary Forrest
Julia Forrestall
Anna Fortier
Denice Fortin
Robert Fosher
Jacqueline Fournier
Theresa Fox
Thomas and Lois Foy
Amedeo and Samantha Francesca
Keith and Nancy Franklin
Freedom Credit Union
Julie and Matthew Fregeau
Mark and Stephanie French
Elizabeth Frey
Michelle Friddle
Jeanette and Daniel Friedenson, MD
Paul Friedmann, MD and Hon. Ilana Rovner
Amy Gottlieb, MD and Peter Friedmann, MD
Wayne and Penny Friedrich
Courtney Fudger
Gail and Daniel Fudger
Sharon Gage
Wendy and Michael Gage
Jerome and Kathleen Gagliarducci
Joseph and Jillian Gagne
Debra Gagner
Elba and Denis Gagnon, Jr.
Stephen Gallagher
David Gallerani
Susan Galvin
David L. Gang, MD and Roberta Hillenberg-Gang
LuAnn Garcia
John Garvan
Kevin Garvin
Jean Gauger
Claire Gemme
Christine and Scott Gendron
Frances Gengle-Keenan
Mary and John Gentile, Jr.
Becky George and Steve Bridges
Michelle George
Ian Giaver
Charles and Brenda Gibson
Susan and Edward Gilbert
Beth Gildin Watrous
Mark and Gail Gilmore
Paula and Donald Girard
Michael and Marilyn Gitlen
Evelyn and Michael Glabicky
Diana Gladden
Leonard and Nansi Glick
Dorothy Godin
Kelly Godin
Annette and Barry Goldberg
Howard Goldberg, MD and Karen Durgin-Goldberg
Annamarie and Hunter Golden
Doreen Gonyea
Daniel and Ellen Goodman
Demetria Goodman
Harold and Mary Goodman
Katie and Ian Goodman, MD
Kenneth Gorenstein
Geraldine and Edward Gosselin, Jr.
Roger Gosselin
Joan Gould
Suzanne Gozzo
Michelle Graci
Richard and Cynthia Grannells
Harrison Grant
Sam and Lessie Grant
Douglas and Marsha Gray
Laurie Gray
Mary and Brian Gray
Molly Gray and John O'Grady, MD
Greater Springfield Credit Union
Caryn Greco
Nancy Greco
Barbara and Chet Greenberg
Greenfield Cooperative Bank
Greenfield Savings Bank
Debra Greims
William Grenier
Mary Gresham
Griffin's Friends
Harold Grinspoon and Diane Troderman
Arthur and Peggy Grodd
Ronald and Susan Grodsky
Jody and Lisa Gross
Teresa and Robert Grove
Jennifer Gruszka
Roger and Robin Guay
Juliette Guertin
Pierre and MaryEllen Guertin
Linda Gunther
Rebecca Gurecki
Susan Gustafson
Joanne Guzowski
Laura and Peter Haas
Deborah Haberern
Wayne Hachey
Michael Hakim, MD and Nasrin Shafiani
Dena and Eric Hall
Mary Hall
Daphne and Stephen Hall, MD
Fay Halsall
Margo Halton
Sharon and David Hamel, Jr.
Cynthia Hamlin
Hampden County District Attorney's Office
Samuel Hanmer
Marsha and William Harbison, MD
Monica and Bruce Harnois
John Harrington
Reginald Harrison
Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc.
Mary Haskell
Sandra and Bruce Haskin, MD
Peter Hassiotis
Nancy Hazard
HCS Head Start, Inc.
Health New England, Inc.
Deborah Hebert
Ernest and Melanie Hebert
Joanne Hebert
Kelly Hebert
Christina Henriques
Frances Henry
Barbara and R. Patrick Henry, Jr.
John and Michelle Herrera
Maureen and Raymond Hershel, Jr.
Melissa Hicks
Michelle and Richard Hicks, MD
Arthur and Louise Hillman
Cynthia Hilson
Sue-Ann and Stanley Hilton
Kevin Hinchey, MD
Mary Hiney
William Hiser, MD
Alan and Susan Hitchcock
Harry Hoar III, MD and Gina Luciano, MD
Judith Hogan
Donna and Peter Hogan, Jr.
Carol Holden
Ray Holland
Anne Holliday
Colleen and Mark Holmes
Colleen Holtan
Wayne Hoppock
Paula Horenstein
Donna and Francis Horrigan, MD
Jeanne and Matthew Hough
Kristina and Joseph Houghton
David and Carol Housman
Megan Hoy
Dusty and Mary Lou Hoyt
Sandra and William Hubbard
Shelby Hughes
Jack Hulmes, Jr.
Jeanne Hume
Vicki Hunter
Mary Hurley, Esq.
Pamela and Michael Hyder
IHOP Restaurants
Industrial Technical Services, Inc.
Cheryl Ingalls
Intercity Lines, Inc.
James and Kathie Irwin
Josh Isles
Banu and Nicolas Jabbour, MD
Robert Jacobs
Robert and Judith Jacobson
Richard Jaggi
John and Helen James
Chester and Mary Ellen Jamroz
Jacqueline Jendza
Shirley Jensen
Jerome's Party Plus/Taylor Rental
D. Joseph Jerry, PhD
Jessica and John Sullivan
Patricia Jester
Sidney and Deborah Jimmo
Donald and Jacqueline Johnson
Kylie and William Johnson
Louise Johnson
Timothy and Geri Johnson
Tina Johnson
Willard Johnson
Claudia Jorge
Susan and Gordon Josephson, MD
Anne Joubert
Jean and James Joyce
Susan and Kenneth Kacoyannakis
Denise Karlin, Esq.
Laura and David Kattan, MD
David and Ruth Katz
Joan Katz
Paula Katz
Jessica Kavanagh
Terry Kayne
Sandra and Robert Keir
Marvin and Carol Kelley
William and Patricia Kelliher
Teresa Kellogg
Diane Kellsey
Denise Kelly
Kelly-Fradet Lumber
Brian Kennedy
Elizabeth Kenney
Linda and Patrick Kenny
Mark A. Keroack, MD and Ann Errichetti, MD
Patti Kertanis
Holly Kidrick
Diane Kieltyka-Stokosa
Nancy Kingsley
Sheryl Kirk
Gale and Robert Kirkwood, MD
Alan Kittler
Richard and Shirley Klett
Christine and Kenneth Klucznik
Michael and Kathleen Knapik
Katlyn Knight
Knights of Columbus Council 133
Kenneth Koenigs, MD and Laura Pinkston Koenigs, MD
Kimberly and Dewey Kolvek
Stanley Konefal, MD and Joan Walsh-Konefal
Beverly Konieczny
Kenneth and Janis Kordana
Nicholas and Peggy Korny
Christine and Joseph Kos
Debora and John Kovacs, Jr.
Karen Koziara Healey
Richard Kresock
Michael and Kathryn Kruzel
Paul Kszaszcz
Aaron Kugelmass, MD and Karen Ambrose
Diane Kurinsky
Sonia Laassiri
Joanne and James LaBoe
Roxanne LaBonte
Deborah Lacasse
Kenneth Lacasse
Maurice and Sheila Lacasse
Karen Ladd
Jean LaDuke and Dennis Gates
Amanda LaFlam
Lisa Laflamme
Jean LaFortune
Neal and Diane Lamberton
Cecilia Landry
David and Lynn Langlois
Gary and Deborah Lantaigne
Frances LaPlante
Enrique Lara and Lisa Martin
Betty and Kevin LaRue
Donald and Shirley LaShier
David and Corinne Laskey
Diane Lautier
Phyllis LaVallee
David and Janine Laverdiere
Rachel Lavery
The Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone
Alice and Stephen Lawrence, PhD
Kevin and Susan Lawson
John M. LaZazzera
Lisa Lazzari
Gwyn LeBlanc
Jayle Leger
Carl and Barbara LeGrand
Sandra and Michael Lemanski, MD
Kamaris Lessard
Jeffrey Letourneau
Amy Greenbaum
William and Diane Levine
Adrian and Virginia Levsky
Jane Lewandowski and Edward Polchlopek, Jr.
Craig and Lyudmyla Lewis
Lia Toyota of Wilbraham
Lighting Affiliates
Nastaran Lilja
Phyllis Lindberg
Diane and Paul Lindeland
Kristy Lindsey
Joseph LoBello
Nancy Logan
Richard and Michelle Logan
Timothy Londo
Sallie Lonergan, MD and Stephen Lonergan
Theresa Longley
Joseph and Mary Longo
Maria Lough
Frank and Romana Lovelock
Mary Lownds
Elizabeth and Thomas Lucas
Barbara and Kenneth Luce
Denis and Linda Lucey
Brian and Susan Luippold
Ann Lukasik
Tinka Lunt
Joanna Luty, MD
Douglas Lyman and Michael Ward
Lori Anne Lyne, MD
James MacDonald
Jane Mack
Sheryl MacLeay
John and Barbara MacNeish
Jacqueline Madden
Marjorie and Thomas Magill, MD
David Maguire, MD
Sean and Deborah Mahar
Kathleen Mahoney, MD and Frank Pupek
Grace Makari-Judson, MD and Peter Judson, MD
Kathleen Maliga
Tina and John Malley, Jr.
Dana and Timothy Malone
Holly Malta
Thomas Mandella
Lawrence and Mel Mandeville
Jennifer Mango
Ann and John+ Mann
Mildred March
Marcotte Ford Sales, Inc.
Michele Mariani
Marine Layer, Inc.
Katherine Marohn
Krissy Marques
Tammy Marquis
Mark Marshall, MD and Helen Leung, MD
Beth Martin
Pat and James Martin, Esq.
Robert Martin
Heather Mascarenhas
Laurence and Joyce Mase
Ronald and Virginia Masnicki
David and Wendy Mason
Holly Mason, MD and Theodore Mason, MD
Tisa Mason, MD
Judith Matt
Jodie Mattern
Dennis and Gail May
Maybury Material Handling
John and Sandra Maybury
Joyce Maybury
Thomas and Kait Maybury
William and Maura Maybury
Patricia McArdle, Ed.D.
Raymond and Sarah McCarthy
Denise and William McCarthy, Jr.
Patricia and Alan McClelland, MD
William and Linda McDaniel
Ann McDonald
Charles McDonald
Mary and Stephen McGovern
Carol McGurn
Marie and Bruce McIntire
John McKenzie and Maureen Casey
Christine McKiernan, MD and Kevin McAllister, EdD
Elmer McMahon
Margaret McMahon
Pamela McNary
Cynthia McNeilly
John McQuade and Jane Miliotis
Nancy Mead
Meadow Place Dental
John and Susan Medeiros
Michele Megas-Ditomassi and George+ Ditomassi
Kenneth Melanson, Sr.
Caitlin Melendez
Mercier's Carpet Service, Inc.
Edward and Rosemarie Mercure
Belden Merims
Paul and Sandra Merlino
Paula Messier
Mestek, Inc.
Myrna and Lawrence Metz, MD
Kathleen Meyer, MD
Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.
John and Mary Midghall
Benjamin Miller
Gwendolyn Miller
Loraine Millman
Carol Minerich
Cindyrae and Paul Minie
Nedra Mirkin
Zane and Brenda Mirkin
Kristina Misiaszek
Donna Mollard
Lori Ann Monikowski
Susan and William+ Monks
Monson Savings Bank
Donna Montemagni
Kevin and Donna Montemagni
Michele and Christopher Moore, MD
Francisco Morais
Kristin Morales-Lemieux and Harry Lemieux
Cheryl Moriarty
Kevin Moriarty, MD
Richard and Therese Moriarty
Patricia Morini
Barbara Morris, MD
Stephen and Sandra Morris
Kate Moruzzi
Mountain View Landscapes and Lawncare, Inc.
Douglas and Joyce Muehlberg
Kristine Muise
Terina and Alejandro Mulero
John J. Mullen, Sr. Family Charitable Foundation
Carol Mullen
William and Donna Mullen
Sharon Mulloy
Denise Murphy
James Murphy
Lisa Murphy
Paul and Dale Murphy
George Murray
Elaine Murry
Ronnie and Ronald Nadel, MD
Kerry Nappi
John and Gail Nash
Rosie and Howie Natenshon, MD
John+ and Frances Naughton
Donna Nauman
Nauset Properties
Susan and Thomas Neal
Robert and Mary Neil
New England Copy Specialists, Inc.
Robyn Newhouse, PhD
Jason and Kristen Newmark
Mark Newton
Julia Nichols
Judith Niziolek
Therese Noga-Stratton
Lisa Nolan
Jessica and Edward Noonan II
Ed and Ellen Noonan
Sandra Noonan
Cynthia Nordin
Cliff and Ellen Noreen
Carl North
David and Dorothy Northup
Dorothy Northup
Gordon and Pamela Oakes
Judianne O'Brien
Richard and Marie O'Connor
Susan O'Connor, Esq. and Bernard O'Connor, Esq.
Margaret Oczkowski
Ruth Odgren
Patricia and Harold Odiorne, Jr.
Joanna Ogilvie
Mary and Edward Okseniak
Raymond and Arabella Olander
Kevin and Carol O'Leary
Carmen Omer
Mary O'Neil
Patrick and Shanon O'Neill
June Opsitnick
Patricia and John O'Reilly, MD
Benjamin Osborne, MD and Katherine Osborne, DVM
Diane Osgood
Phyllis Ostrowsky
Lori Oteri
Overeaters Anonymous
Ross and Michele Overlock
Rajashree and Rajiv Padmanabhan, MD
Armando Paez, MD and Rosette Odulio, MD
Lynne Page and Roland Ratte
Richard and Anna Paige
Thomas Panaccione
Nick Panasian
Nina Pancaldo
Nokul Panigrahi, MD
Peter and Catherine Pappas
Charles and Margaret Paquette
Mary and Michael Paquette
Russell and Claire Paquette
Jeane Paradis-Bellows and Scott Bellows
Dale and Robert Parenteau, Jr.
Dan Parker
Sheetal and Sapana Patel
Barbara and Thomas Patnaude
Penni Patuano
Michael and Darlene Paul
Michael and Shirley Paulin
Tina Paulson-Goldschmidt
Deborah Pavlica
Michael and Beth Paysnick
Fred and Susan Pazmino
Daniel Pear and Kara Noonan-Pear
Marilyn Peczka
Nicholas Penna
Paul Penna
Vincent Penna
Ann Pennell-Cimini
T. Britton Percy, MD and Valerie Botter
Kimberly and Elio Pereira
Laura Perez
Maria Perez
Robert and Jocelyn Perkins
Kevin and Amy Perrier
Jessica and Guy Perry
Pamela Perry
Joan and Jim Person
George Petitt and Maria Cantalini-Petitt
Jennifer Petrie
James and Kathryn Phaneuf
Melinda Phelps, Esq.
Jennifer Picard
Jan and Bernadette Piepul
John and Emily Pietras
Francis and Lynn Pijar
Pioneer Valley Credit Union
David Pirog
Gaye Pistel
Stephen and Kristin Pitoniak
Celeste Planzo
Cheryl Podgorski
Judith and Mark Pohlman, MD
Rashelle Poirier McKenzie
Charles L. Polep Visiting Nurse Assoc Fund @ JEFWM
Katherine and James Polga, MD
Christine Pollock
Linda Poulin
Robert and Pat Pouliot
Daniel Pratola
Eileen and David Pratt
Elizabeth Pratt
Premier Source Federal Credit Union
Joseph and Chris Previtera
Professional Drywall Construction, Inc.
Deborah and Mark Provost
Katherine Putnam and Timothy Delaney
Lori Puza
Mary Jo and Franklin Quigley, Jr.
Mari Anne Quigley
Julianne Rabschnuk
Amy Radgowski
Radiology & Imaging, Inc.
Frances Rahilly
Shannon Rahilly
Christine Ramos
Christine Randall
Susan Raschi
Susan Raschilla
Bonny Rathbone
Niels Rathlev, MD and E. Penny Pounder
David and Ellen Ratner
Karen and Robert Ravosa
Raymond R. Houle Construction, Inc.
Reflex Lighting Group of CT, LLC
Maria and Manuel Rego
Dorothy Reidy
Lynn and John Reigner
Katherine Reilly
Virginia and Edward Reiter, MD
Carol Reno
Debra and William Rhodes
David and Cara Rice
Matthew Richardson, MD and Chrystal Wittcopp, MD
Nancy and Scott Rines
Anne-Marie Rivest
Robert Charles Photography
Gary and Marion Roberts
Lynda Roberts and John Quigley
Michael Robidoux
Lynn Robillard
Robert and Paulette Robillard
Frank and Dora Robinson
James and Joyce Roche
Rocky's Ace Hardware
Clara Rodrigues
Suzete and Grafilo Rodrigues
Dean and Bridget Rohan
Katherine and Gregory Rolland
Barbara Romashko
Janet Roper
Andrea Rosado
Eleanor Rothman
Daniel and Jane Rothschild
Paul and Marsha Rothschild
Melanie and Robert Rothstein, MD
Mary Roy
Nancy and Thomas Ruscio, Jr.
William and Tammy Russell
Ellen Rutan
Brenda Ryan
Jennifer and James Ryan III
Kathy Ryan
Laura Ryder
Matthew Sadof, MD and Mindy Domb
James and Barbara Sadowsky
Ronald and Brenna Sadowsky
Ali and Mandana Salehi
Linda Salemi
Jane Saletnik
Kelly and Brett Salls
Vita and David Saltmarsh
Doug Salvador, MD and Erin Salvador, MD
Angelo and Barbara Salvatore
Deborah and Robert Samble, Jr.
Patricia and T.J. Samra
T.J. Samra
Beverly Sangermano
Heather Sankey, MD and Peter Schindelman
Anthony Santaniello
Carolyn Santiago
Jillian Sapanaro
Kevin and Deborah Saremi
Darlene and Michael Sarnelli
Lydia Sarro, MD and Joseph Bartolomeo
Deena and Barry Sarvet, MD
Savage Arms, Inc.
Joseph and Kristen Savaria
Clara Scamardella
Annette Scarnici
Roger and Patricia Schifferli
Rev. Ute Schmidt
Denise and David Schoen
Elizabeth Schoenfeld, MD and Pranay Parikh, MD
Linda and Aniello Scibelli
Deborah and Charles Scott
Mary Ellen and Roy Scott
Patricia Scully
Paul Scully
Christopher Scyocurka
Warren and Mary Ann Sedran
Helene and Richard Segool, MD
Rodney and Kristin Seller
Maureen Senn-McNally, MD
Joseph and Maureen Sergienko
Judith Serra
Serv-U Locksmiths
Donna Sexton
Michelle and Charles Shattuck
Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, P.C. Charitable Foundation
John and Deb Shaver
Juanita Shavers
Joanne Shaw
Joanne Shea
Theresa Shea
Kathleen Sheehan
Patrick and Leslie Sheehy
Nancy Shendell-Falik and Jay Falik
Brenda Shepard
Donna Shepard
Sherman & Frydryk, LLC
Sherman Oil Co., Inc.
Teresa Sherman
Shields Health Care Group, Inc.
Shields Health Care Group
Marybeth Shippole
Niloufar Shoushtari, MD
Deepika and Sundeep Shukla, MD
Virginia and William Siano
Richard and Susan Sigda
Jean and Richard Simmons
Alan and Joyce Slessler
June Slozak
Jeanne Smigiel
Smith & Wesson
Barry and Debbie Smith
Deborah and Douglas Smith
Deborah Smith
Debra Smith
Doris Smith
Erin Smith
Michael and Barbara Smith
Selwyn Smith
Vanessa Smith and Elizabeth Lehman
Belinda Smith-Ramsey
Jennifer Smola, MD
Christina deMeza and Michael Solon, MD
Ronald and Maureen Somers
Catherine Sotiropoulos
South Congregational Church
David and Ann Southworth
Kathleen and Paul Souza
Jack and Nancy Spanbauer
Specialty Bolt & Screw, Inc.
John and Annie Spinks
Linda and George Spitz
Kathleen Spooner
Springfield Spring & Stamping
Springfield Thunderbirds Foundation, Inc.
Springfield Thunderbirds
St. Aloysius Catholic School
Martha St. Lawrence and Wayne Klinge
Dorothy St. Pierre
Dominique Stabilo
Donna and John Stafilarakis II
Eric and Elizabeth Stahl
Julie Stark
Suzanne Stebbins
Nancy Stevenson
Joseph and Constance Stiefel
Michael and Nancy Stolpinski
Nadine Strahs
Deborah and Michael Stroetzel
Thaddeus and Judith Strzempko
Kathleen Suchocki
Gladys and Robert+ Sullivan
Luz and David Sullivan
Sylvia Sullivan
Victoria Sutton
Mary and Alan Swedlund
Teresa Swist
Janet and Clayton Sydla
Anna and Alan Symington
Tammie and Jeremie Sypek
Janet and Walter Szemela
Kelly and David Tashjian, MD
Amber Tatro
Diane Tatro
Elaine Taylor
Kathleen and Trenton Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Tech Roofing Service, Inc.
Mark and Deborah Teed
Aviva and Robert Thaler
Sheri and Stephen Thayer
Mary and Frank Thetreault III
Michael and Midje Theulen
Sera and Abraham Thomas, MD
Alanna and James Tidwell
Tighe & Bond
Diane Tillman
Catherine and Eric Tipton, Jr.
Maria Tirado
Gary Tirrell
Titan Roofing, Inc.
Kirsten Tobias
Kathy Tobin Martin
Linda Todaro and Stephen Mabee
Rebecca Toledo
Mark and Noreen Tolosky
Thomas and Vivian Toman
Renee Tompkins
Caroline and William Toner, Jr.
Ksenia Tonyushkina, MD
Bernadette Toomey
Emily Torcato
Aimee Tosoni
Andrew Touchette
James Trask
Tree House Brewing Company
Barb Turcotte
Norma Turcotte
Wesley and Wanda Turner
Jane Tyler
Unemployment Tax Control Assoc., Inc. (UTCA)
Universal Electric Co., Inc.
USA Hauling & Recycling, Inc.
USI Insurance Services, LLC
A. Sue Vakakas
Valet Park of America
Donna and Vincent Valletti
Kevin and Joy Vann
Ann Varghese
Vartanian Custom Cabinets, Inc.
Aram and Lisa Vartanian
Guimar Varzeas
Kenneth and Theresa Vautrin
Joel and Leigh Vengco
Katherine Venne
Donna and Robert Viel
Suzanne and Richard Viens
Marion Vigneault
Leslie Vincent
Judith Vivenzio
Peter Vogian
Joan Wain
Marion Waleryszak
Lynne Wallace
Katherine and David Walles
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Kyle Walsh
Richard Warner, MD
Bruce Waslick, MD
Edward Watson
Earl and Linda Way
William and Cynthia Webber
Stacy Weinberg
Warren Weiner
Ronald and Janet Weiss
Jeanne Weisse
Glenn Welch
Wellfleet Group, LLC
Dusti Wells
Mark Westcott
Westfield Bank
Westfield Gas and Electric
Westside Enterprises, Inc.
Raymond and Christa White
Wilbraham U-Store-It
Eleanor Wilcox
Ralph Willett
Elizabeth Williams
Frederick Williams and Laurie Pike
Keisa Williams
Jeanine Wilson
Linda and David Wilson
Karen Winer
David and Karen Witherell
Sally and Stephen Wittenberg, MD
Domenic Woffenden
Carolyn Wojcik Glew
Mark Wollender
Women of the Moose Lodge Chicopee Falls Chapter 1489
Lawrence and Gail Wood
David and Elizabeth+ Woods
Thomas and Anne Woodson
Barbara and Kazimierz Wozniak
Angela Wright
Renee and Matthew Wroth
Alice Wynne
Monica Wynne
Christine Wyszynski
Ruth Yanka
Michael Zabawa
Elizabeth Zabielski
John Zajdel
Diane Zanolli
Gina and Zachry Zichittella, MD
Barbara Zielonka
Celine Zimmermann
Jennifer and John Zollo
Denise Zuidema
William Zumbruski

+ = deceased