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Well-being Essentials

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What is Well-being Essentials?

Well-being Essentials is a whole new approach to team member well-being that focuses on the emotional and essential needs of all employees, offering them opportunities to bring their best self to life. It is comprised of two products available through a company called Kumanu; Resourceful and Purposeful. 

What is Resourceful?

Resourceful is a confidential, customized resource center that integrates all of Baystate’s well-being resources so they are easier to access, as well as provides local and national access to resources for financial counseling and assistance, transportation, childcare, housing, mental health support, social connection, food access and more to help all employees with day-to-day challenges.  After completing the quick, confidential Wellbeing Check-in you will have access to your personalized resource center. 

What is Purposeful?

The Purposeful Experience provides resources and activities that help unlock the power of your purpose, manage your emotions, improve your mood, and achieve your personal best every day. Download the Purposeful app on your mobile device or desktop to bring more intention into each day and receive the support you need to achieve your goals. Discover content and actions at your own pace, incorporate daily tips and monthly PurposeCast programs to inspire growth. 

How do I get started?

Visit and choose the support you need most today. 

  • Purposeful – Build positive habits through powerful and simple activities designed to help you manage your emotions, have more energy, strengthen relationships and bring your best to what matters most each day.
  • Resourceful – Access personalized resources for financial assistance, transportation, childcare, housing, mental health, social connection, food access, and more – resources from Baystate and in your community. Not sure where to start? No problem! Create an account with either and you'll have access to both. You will be able to complete your Wellbeing Check-In within either Purposeful or Resourceful.

Additional Resources 

  • Finding and Living with Purpose - 3-min video describing Kumanu founders' personal story with purpose and the case for discovering and nurturing your own purpose.
  • Purposeful Demo - Recorded session from the Remote Work Summit. When prompted, enter password: ++V1EJ6U