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Webinars By Topic

Webinars are an efficient way to gain more knowledge on a topic. These training's are led by subject matter experts and are now 45 minutes or less!. Baystate Healthy, in collaboration with its partners, hand selects webinars for our employees. Browse the topics below and participate live in an upcoming webinar or watch the recording of past webinars.


On Demand Webinars

Financial Well-being


Four Ways to Rebuild Money Confidence: Managing Debt -(available on demand)-This webinar explains the importance of each component of your plan and focuses on “managing debt” and available strategies to help you get started.

Investor Education: How Family Dynamics Influence Investment Goals - (available on demand)-We will provide tips and activities that can help make investing a family affair, and help you feel more confident about prioritizing and saving for different goals. Bonus: we’ll also include some important estate planning exercises.

Four Ways to Rebuild Money Confidence: Prioritizing Savings - (available on demand)-This webinar explains the importance of each component of your plan and focuses on “prioritizing savings” to help you get back on track with your short, medium, and long-term goals.

Investor Education: Building a Portfolio to Match Your Retirement Date - (available on demand)-In this session, we will review pertinent investment principles and disciplines, the importance of accurately estimating your retirement lifestyle budget and some helpful planning tools. We’ll also talk about how to take the initial steps in building your portfolio, as well as how to access additional support and resources if desired.

Four Ways to Rebuild Money Confidence: Maintaining Excellent Credit - (available on demand)-This webinar explains the importance of each component of your plan and focuses on helping you rebuild and “maintaining excellent credit.”

Investor Education: Creating Your Retirement Paycheck - (available on demand)-During this session, we will review potential sources of income in retirement and their related tax considerations. Our goal is to raise awareness of possible adjustments to your investment plan that could increase the odds of your retirement dream becoming a reality.

Budgeting When Income is Uncertain - Millions of Americans are seeing their income become increasingly unpredictable. In this webinar, you will get a review of up to date government-based programs and nationwide resources. Then, the webinar will focus on focus on specific budgeting tactics, student loan repayment strategies and debt/credit tips that can help during these challenging times. Time will be reserved for questions and answers.

 Investor Education: Strategies During Volatile Markets  - (available on demand)-Financial markets are volatile whenever the future earnings of companies, the stability of industries or the direction of global economies are uncertain. So when this happens, what do you do? Each webinar in this series will spend a few minutes reviewing updates to government and corporate actions intended to stabilize the markets, with the majority of time centered on investing principles, plus current investment opportunities and challenges.

Upcoming Live Webinars

Employee webinars 

Balancing Your Financial & Emotional Well-being

Tuesday May 9, 2023

Stress is something we all experience. Financial AND emotional strains are both common, routinely appear together, and can significantly influence our lives. Successfully reducing these stressors is key to overall wellness. We’ll walk through several financial and emotional challenges and offer tips on how to manage them. We'll also talk about how to work with resources and how professionals can help.

Register here for 12PM (ET) - Register here for 3PM (ET)

Managing Life's Micro-Stressors 

Wednesday May 10, 2023

  • Define micro-stressors
  • Identify common sources and causes 
  • Describe techniques to manage micro-stress


Register here for 2PM (ET)

Quick Stress Busters & Hacks

Wednesday May 17, 2023

Learning how to manage stress is a valuable tool in your arsenal. Join in to learn stress busting techniques and hacks to help you navigate through stress.

Register here for 12PM (ET)

Daily Stress Balance & Work-Life Survival Guide 

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Balancing life and work can be stressful especially when it seems like work is demanding. Take some time to learn how to effectively balance daily stress and create healthy work and life boundaries.

Register here for 12:30PM (ET)

Improved Mental Health & Well-being in Life & Work - PurposeCast

Thursday May 25, 2023

Newton Cheng, Google's Director of Health and Performance, joins Dr. Vic Strecher in a PurposeCast discussion devoted to improved mental health and wellbeing in life and work. 

You'll learn about:

  • Newton's experience with authenticity, mental health, and burnout
  • Recognizing signs of burnout
  • Implementing boundaries and practices that support your mental health


Register for 12:30PM(ET)

Mortgage Basics 

Thursday May 25, 2023

Obtaining your mortgage doesn't have to feel scary or overwhelming when you know what to expect. Let us help simplify the major components of a mortgage for you. We’ll explain where to start, the requirements of different types of loans, and how you might choose what's best. We’ll also dive into interest rates and how they can affect your payment. Finally, we'll discuss closing costs and the fees associated with getting a loan.

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Overcoming Stress & Burnout 

Wednesday May 31, 2023

Register for 12PM (ET) - Link Coming Soon

Rediscovering Joy at Work

Wednesday June 14, 2023 

  • Understand what motivates you at work 
  • Explore ways to build your strengths into each day
  • Learn how to focus on your professional growth


Register here for 2PM (ET)