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$1,000 Healthy Choices Raffle

January 1 - December 15, 2021

All $1,000 Raffle Winners have been selected. Congratulations to our winners (see below)! 


How it Works:

Every month through December, four lucky winners receive a $1,000 gift card! To earn entries in the raffle, all you have to do is participate in the qualifying activities. For every 100 points you earn, you will automatically receive 1 entry into the raffle. You can earn up to 40 entries and once you earn an entry,  it remains in the raffle drawing each month, through the end of the year! Therefore, the earlier in the year and the more programs you participate in, the greater your odds of winning! Note:  The December raffle winners will be drawn on December 15 as to allow for end of year W-2 earnings processing.

For quick reference, download a printable version of the Healthy Choices Raffle program details. Read the wellness program notice of consent prior to participating.


How to Participate in Qualifying Activities:

Each time you complete a qualifying activity from the list below, your entry(ies) will be automatically captured in your WebMD Portal. Once you complete an activity, you will see  “Congratulations” along with a confirmation number, next to the activity on the Rewards page.  This confirms that your entry is officially in the drawing! All entries are cumulative and remain in each month’s drawing, increasing your chances of winning throughout the year. To participate in these activities, log into your WebMD Health portal and go to 'Rewards'.


Qualifying Activities:

-Complete the WebMD Health Assessment - Earn 3 Raffle Entries!
-Complete a session with a WebMD Health Coach -Earn 2 Raffle Entries!
-Complete a WebMD Wellness Challenge- Earn 2 Raffle Entries!
-Sync Your Wellness Device to your WebMD Portal - Earn 1 Raffle Entry!
-Complete a WebMD Daily Habits Plan - Earn 1 Raffle Entry!
-Download the Wellness at Your Side Mobile app - Earn 1 Raffle Entry!
-Complete the meQuilibrium Assessment - Earn 3 Raffle Entries!
-Earn a meQuilibrium Gold Badge – Earn 2 Raffle Entries!
-Add a meQuilibrium Journal Entry - Earn 1 Raffle Entry!
-Complete a meQuilibrium Activity - Earn 1 Raffle Entry!
-Complete a meQuilibrium Reassessment - Earn 1 Raffle Entry!


How are winners notified?

On the 1st Monday of each month, the 4 winners from the previous month's drawing will be notified by BH email and phone. The winner's will also be announced below, so make sure to check this webpage periodically to see which of your colleagues have won!  Good luck!! All benefit-eligible employee can participate in this program. Each participant is eligible to win a maximum of 1 time per program year.


If I win, will my earnings be taxed?

Per IRS guidelines, when an employer provides money to an employee, it must be filed as taxable income.  However, for the $1,000 prize winners, Baystate will pay the taxes on the winner’s behalf!

Raffle Winners!

2021 Monthly Raffle Winners


  • Reena Paradis
  • Lori Ptaszkiewicz
  • Yaitza Osorio
  • Melissa Welch


  • Taylor Blow
  • Jodi Wesolowski
  • Linda Chudzik
  • Donna Wight


  • Helen Makosky
  • Regina Trelease
  • Vida Rastegar
  • Lydia D'Agostino


  • Roberta Laga
  • Julie Fortune
  • Caroline Lopez
  • Deborah Baker


  • Leigh McClure
  • Nicque Smith
  • Valentina Karcha
  • Krista McCollum-Boyer


  • Christina King
  • Deborah Pratt
  • Neomi Seidell
  • Sara Koch


  • Kelley Martin
  • Kathleen Niemiec
  • Aruna Priya
  • Rosemary Dellaera


  • Darlene King
  • Omar Alqaisy
  • Tara Bates
  • Cynthia Livermore


  • Corina Fisk
  • Ruth Camacho
  • Linda Henrichon
  • Susan Carmel


  • Karen Hogan
  • Jennifer Picard
  • Jennifer Peddle
  • Michael Fine


  • Brenda Gardner
  • Pamela Bain
  • Deborah Wall
  • Mary Marquard


  • Dawn-Marie Norris-Dean
  • Caitlin Millett
  • Heidi Bara
  • Patricia Humiston


2020 Monthly Raffle Winners

  • January Raffle Winner - Debbie Naglieri-Prescod
  • February Raffle Winner - Soyoung Lee
  • March Raffle Winner - Michelle Provencher
  • April Raffle Winner - Jody Devine
  • May  Raffle Winner - Kathryn Jobbins
  • June Raffle Winner - Lynnette Milidakis
  • July Raffle Winner - Tiffany Mack-Mohammad
  • August Raffle Winner - Lisa Millar
  • September Raffle Winner - Anne Beherns
  • October Raffle Winner - Danielle Hebert
  • November Raffle Winner - Aubri Drake

2019 Monthly Raffle Winners 

• January Raffle Winner- Carmen Ortiz
• February Raffle Winner- Jennifer Arroyo
• March Raffle Winner - Seleida Carrero
• April Raffle Winner - Samantha Kabat
• May Raffle Winner -Debra Vicchelli
• June Raffle Winner -Araine Still
• July Raffle Winner - Michele Bean
• August Raffle Winner- Linda Lechowicz
• September Raffle Winner - Jennifer Peddle
• October Raffle Winner - Martin Cardona
• November Raffle Winner - Margaret Paquette
• December Raffle Winner - Terri Wyman