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Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and yoga are both known to improve a variety of health-related conditions when practiced regularly. Both forms of movement impact nearly every aspect of your body, including your muscular systems, cardiovascular, respiratory, immune system and overall emotional health. We encourage you to explore exercise and yoga practices that suit your abilities,  interests and goals.



See the current listing of a variety of classes and fitness centers by town.  For the most up to date and customized list of resources, we recommend contacting a worklife specialist who will do a search for all available fitness classes, centers and programs in your area.  Call WorkLife & EAP Support at 1-800-888-6332




Receive $200 cash back when you purchase a variety of wellness activities or products including; gym memberships, wellness and fitness classes- live and online.  Plus as of July 1, 2021 the amount increased from $150 to $200 and will cover the purchase of fitness equipment, golf and ski tickets or CSA farm shares. This benefit is available to employees enrolled in a BH-HNE medical plan.  For the quickest and simplest reimbursement process, login to your HNE portal at and select Forms.  If you prefer the paper/mail method:



VIDEO: This guided stretch routine that will re-energize your mind and body.

VIDEO: Try this 10-minute Resistance Band Exercise Break at your workstation.


Baystate Medical Center // 280 Chestnut  // Baystate Mary Lane Outpatient Center  // 361 Whitney Ave, Holyoke // Baystate Franklin Medical Center


Join or Start a walking club at your work location!



  • Baystate Medical Center: Daly Garage, outside Chestnut entrance, Emergency Department ambulance entrance. Also: 3300 Main Street, 3350 Main St, 354 Birnie Ave, 280 Chestnut St, 361 Whitney Ave, Walter Street Parking Garage.
  • Baystate Mary Lane Outpatient Center: North entrance, main entrance
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center: Human Resources entrance, main entrance



The Valley Bike, bike share program has a location at BMC--in parking lot in front of the Chestnut Surgery Center.  To learn more about membership benefits, visit Valley Bike.  Baystate team members receive a 20% discount with the code entered at checkout: BSHPM



Monday MOVE, Midday Metta and Yoga Nidra are all included in your live streaming monthly package.  "Metta" is an ancient Pali word meaning "lovingkindness".  This series of programs is all about giving yourself a nurturing practice, focusing on "metta" for self and others and includes both yoga and meditation.  It is taught by Feline O'Gorman, licensed and certified yoga instructor (who is also a Baystate team member!).  Your purchase of this program includes all of the following: 

Monday MOVE!  Live class 12:15pm Monday's 
*Typically live streaming class (also subsequently available as recording on-demand)
15-minute invigorating class to help you energize and wake up the body. Class activities are mainly standing stretches, energetic yoga postures, vinyasa, and breathwork. Recording of each class will be available for on-demand viewing at the end of the week, until the following Thursday.
Midday Metta - Live Class 12:15pm Tuesday's and Thursday's 

*Typically live streaming class (also subsequently available as recording on-demand)
30-minute midday break will help relieve stress and increase circulation while you clear your mind and relax your body. Perform gentle seated and standing yoga and stretches, meditation, and breathing techniques. Classes will include sequences created to support and focus on two specific yoga postures and/or breathwork for the week. A recording of one current week's Midday Metta class will be available at end of day Thursday, until the following Thursday.
Yoga Nidra - On-Demand
One on-demand recorded class available for the series duration.  30 to 40-minute class invites you to settle the body and mind with gentle yoga stretches and postures, ending with a guided yoga nidra ("yoga sleep") meditation. Come in your PJ's, with a blanket and full size pillow (used as a prop for restorative postures).
Specialty Class - On-Demand
45-minute on-demand recorded specialty class available for the duration series. Focus will be pre-announced (i.e. specific body or breathwork focus), often with a closing "metta" lovingkindness meditation.

Cost & Registration: 

The cost for access to all 4 of the above classes is $20 per month and billed via PayPal invoice directly from the instructor. Join anytime during the month and the $20 rate will be pro-rated.  First time students received 1 free trial week!  HNE members, see below for $200 Wellness Reimbursement.  Learn more and register.



Ompractice - access to a host of live yoga and meditation classes through an interactive online experience.  You choose your date, time and location.  No matter where you are, your yoga teacher sees and supports you throughout the class.  All Baystate team members have access to a special 1-week free trial coupon!

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit,
2. Pick a class - Ompractice has over a dozen teachers offering morning, day and evening classes.  Use coupon code: BaystateHealthy at checkout
3. Set Up Your Space - Roll out your mat and position your laptop or mobile phone 7-8 feet away from you.
4. Begin Your Practice - Log into your digital classroom with one click and get real time feedback while you practice.
5. If you decide to continue- You’ll find the experience motivating and the prices incredible. HNE members, see below for $200 Wellness Reimbursement.



Search for yoga in your community with the help of a Worklife Specialist.  A specialist will search for yoga classes in your community and online, saving you time and energy.  Call WorkLife and EAP Support at 800-888-6332 anytime, 24/7 and within about 3 business days you will be provided a comprehensive list, contact information and links to available programs.  Also, HNE members, see below for $200 Wellness Reimbursement.