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Information for Your Baystate Grant Proposal

Grants/Contracts are awarded to

Baystate Medical Center, Inc. (BMC)
759 Chestnut Street, Springfield, MA 01199
Organization Type: Private, Non-profit and Charitable Hospital

Proposals and awards reviewers & approvers

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA)
Address: 759 Chestnut Street, Springfield, MA 01199
Phone: 413-794-7906 │ Fax: 413-794-3103
Internal Address: 3601 Main Street, 3rd Floor

Business Official / Authorized Representative:
Melissa Quintero; Director, SPA

Tech Transfer and Intellectual Property:
Todd Keiller, MBA; Technology Transfer Officer

Institution UEI# EIN#
BMC SKSBGBWWEJ95 04-2790311
FMC X57LPZ4JJF35 04-2103575
PVLSI PS8MMJ2PDVJ7 57-1183126
WING TK4SJLCHRSV8 22-2519813
NOBLE CKU4C31GA655 22-2537423

Mass Tax Exempt #: E999-088-077
Federal Tax exemption: Under 501(c)(3)
Congressional District: 1st County: Hampden
FWA# (IRB): 00004355 (covers BMC, FMC, and Mary Lane)
Animal Welfare Assurance#: A4498-0

Current Indirect Rates

  • Federal (DHHS agreement dated): (Effective 10/1/17)
  • On Campus, Provisional: 58% (Effective 10/1/22)
  • Off campus, Provisional: 44%
  • Public Service On-Site: 50%
  • Public Service Off-Site: 35%
  • Clinical Trials (Commercial): 30%
  • Private, Non-Profit Foundations: As stated in sponsor guidelines
  • Current Negotiated Federal Fringe Rate: 23.2% (Effective 10/1/22)