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Recent Faculty Events

Baystate Women in Medicine and Science (BWIMS) Annual Dinner – September 17, 2019

On the evening of September 17th, BWIMS held its annual dinner at Baystate Medical Center. Ann Errichetti, MD, former COO & CAO, Presence Health and former CEO, St. Peter's Hospital, presented “Women in Health Care Leadership: Past, Present, and Future Directions” to a packed room of Baystate clinicians, administrators, and senior leadership.

BWIMS photo collage crop

Physician Leadership Academy (PLA) Quarterly Luncheon – September 17, 2019

On the afternoon of September 17th, the Office of Faculty Affairs held its quarterly PLA Alumni Luncheon. Attendees had the opportunity to meet with BMC President and Baystate Health S.V.P. of Operations Nancy Shendell-Falik, RN, MA, as well as Marion A. McGowan, PhD, the newly appointed President and CEO of Health New England and Senior Vice President of Payer Innovation, Baystate Health. Topics of discussion were the Physician Role as Leader in Patient Experience and the Baystate Health Leadership Platform and the challenges facing Health New England and Baystate Health, respectively.

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Above, from left to right: Marion A. McGowan, PhD, President & CEO of Health New England and Senior Vice President of Payer Innovation, Baystate Health, speaks to the PLA alumni; Nancy Shendell-Falik, RN, MA, President, Baystate Medical Center and Senior Vice President, Hospital Operations, Baystate Health, speaks with the group about the Physician Role as Leader in Patient Experience; Drs. Daniel Engelman and Moriarty listen to the speakers during the luncheon.

Sponsorship in Academic Medicine: Harnessing the Talent of a Diverse Workforce (BWIMS) - August 7, 2019

BWIMS sponsorhip talk photo 8719On the evening of August 7th, Dr. Amy S. Gottlieb, Chief Faculty Development Officer, Baystate Health, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, and Professor of Medicine and Ob Gyn at UMMS-Baystate, presented Sponsorship in Academic Medicine - Harnessing the Talent of a Diverse Workforce. The talk was offered through Baystate Women in Medicine and Science (BWIMS), formerly known as WAAM. BWIMS members are women physicians and mid-level providers at Baystate Health.

Toast the Professors event honors senior faculty - July 31, 2019

Prof pins 45

“Like it or not, we are living through a revolution of how health care is delivered. The communities we serve expect us to advance safety and quality, while improving convenience and lowering cost. It is not an easy assignment, but I am pleased that so many of you have chosen to link the trajectory of your academic careers to designing and evaluating new approaches to care. Your work on learning and improvement is at the center of what makes Baystate Health a leader in innovation and clinical excellence. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.” - Mark A. Keroack, MD, MPH, President & CEO of Baystate Health, Professor of Medicine at UMMS-Baystate

On the evening of July 31st, Dr. Andrew Artenstein and UMMS-Baystate’s Office of Faculty Affairs hosted the inaugural Toast the Professors celebration at Twin Hills Country Club in Longmeadow. The event recognized individuals who are full professors. Academic ranks, in order of demonstrated achievement, are Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. Professor designation requires at least a national reputation in one’s field.

The program included featured remarks by Drs. Mark Keroack, Andrew Artenstein, and Amy Gottlieb. Dr. Keroack congratulated the group and reflected on the importance of senior leaders to the success of the health system. Dr. Artenstein discussed the importance of academic advancement, especially as our regional campus in western Massachusetts continues to grow. Dr. Gottlieb thanked the Professors for inspiring, mentoring, and guiding our healthcare workforce daily. Each of the 45 Professors was awarded a gold pin to wear on his or her Baystate badge to symbolize their senior faculty rank.

In addition to the Professors and their special guests, members of the President’s Cabinet, Physician Leadership Team (PLT), and Department Chairs and Service Line Leaders joined the festivities. The Office of Faculty Affairs intends to host this event annually. A listing of our Professors is below:

1. Richard B. Alexander, M.D.
2. Andrew W. Artenstein, M.D.
3. Charlotte M. Boney, M.D.
4. Gregory L. Braden, M.D.
5. Paula K. Braverman, M.D.
6. Maura J. Brennan, M.D.
7. Martin I. Broder, M.D.
8. Richard B. Brown, M.D.
9. Lewis M. Cohen, M.D.
10. Neil R. Connelly, M.D.
11. Steven M. Dunn, M.D.
12. Richard M. Engelman, M.D.
13. Edward Feldmann, M.D.
14. Peter D. Friedmann, M.D., M.P.H.
15. David L. Gang, M.D.
16. Michael J. Germain, M.D.
17. Amy S. Gottlieb, M.D.
18. George Hartnell, M.D.
19. Kevin T. Hinchey, M.D.
20. Nicolas Jabbour, M.D.
21. Bertrand Janne d'Othee, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.
22. Mark A. Keroack, M.D., M.P.H.
23. Ashraf Khan, M.D.
24. Aaron D. Kugelmass, M.D.
25. Peter K. Lindenauer, M.D., M.Sc.
26. Timothy J. Mader, M.D.
27. Grace Makari-Judson, M.D.
28. Wilson C. Mertens, M.D., M.S.B.A.
29. Kevin P. Moriarty, M.D.
30. Christopher N. Otis, M.D.
31. Niels K. Rathlev, M.D.
32. Edward O. Reiter, M.D.
33. John R. Romanelli, M.D.
34. Heather Z. Sankey, M.D., M.Ed.
35. Barry D. Sarvet, M.D.
36. Alan Schneyer, Ph.D.
37. Thomas Schwann, M.D., M.B.A.
38. Marc J. Schweiger, M.D.
39. Neal E. Seymour, M.D.
40. Cynthia K. Sites, M.D.
41. Daniel J. Skiest, M.D.
42. Jay S. Steingrub, M.D.
43. Abraham Thomas, M.D., M.P.H.
44. Paul F. Visintainer, Ph.D.
45. Stephen M. Wittenberg, M.D.

Celebratory reception held for Heart & Vascular Service Line’s Physician Onboarding Mentorship Program Pilot (OMPP) - July 29, 2019

IMG_7479On July 29th, a reception was held to congratulate Mentors and Mentees who participated in the inaugural year of the Heart & Vascular Service Line's Physician Onboarding Mentorship Program. In addition to Mentors and Mentees of the program, leaders from the Heart & Vascular Service Line, Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA), and Physician Recruiting Department were in attendance.

A collaboration between the OFA and the Heart & Vascular Service Line, the OMPP introduces physician-hires to the Cardiovascular Service Line and Baystate Health during their first year in the organization by pairing each individual with an experienced member of the Service Line or related departments. Onboarding Mentors help new physicians become oriented and connected so they can succeed in their roles. Mentors and Mentees meet quarterly over the course of one year.

Research Faculty Development Program (RFDP) Alumni Dinner - June 27, 2019

RFDP holley vaidyaLaunched in 2018, the RFDP is a collaborative initiative between UMMS-Baystate’s Offices of Faculty Affairs and Research to train our faculty in effective research design and grant-writing. RFDP Scholars are selected based on nomination, written application, and in-person interviews. RFDP Alumni Dinners are recurring events for past scholars to reconnect, discuss their research, and obtain feedback on current projects. The June 27th dinner included a Career Development presentation by Elizabeth Schoenfeld, MD, MS, as well as a Research in Progress presentation by Ruben Vaidya, MD, FAAP. To learn more about the RFDP, click here.

Physician Leadership Academy graduates honored - June 7, 2019

PLA megan hickey md for eworkplaceCongratulations to the 2019 PLA Graduates! On June 7th, Department Chairs, Service Line Leaders, and members of the President’s Cabinet gathered to celebrate this professional development milestone. Offered every other year by the Office of Faculty Affairs, the PLA consists of one full-day session every other week for 5 months and includes lectures, workshops, and small group discussions on topics such as Challenging Conversations, Process Improvement, and Healthcare Finance. With coaching from senior organizational leaders, participants also complete individual projects that allow them to experience, navigate, and learn how to implement initiatives in a large, diversified health system. This year’s Coaches were Betty LaRue, RN, MN, Chief Operating Officer of Baystate Medical Practices; Deb Provost, BSN, MBA, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Nursing Officer of Baystate Franklin Medical Center, and Doug Salvador, MD, MPH, Chief Quality Officer of Baystate Health.

This year’s graduating class included:

  • David Deaton, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Tala Elia, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • Rose B. Ganim, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Meghan Hickey, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
  • John Hunt, MD, Assistant Professor of Pathology
  • Keisha Jones, MD, MSc, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • J. Michael Klatte, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • Ziad Kutayli, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Tashanna Myers, MD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Armando Paez, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Pranay M. Parikh, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Stephanie D. Silverman, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Nathan P. Somers, MD
  • Shadi Zaghloul, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Visiting Professor Carolyn C. Meltzer - March 6, 2019

Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR, William P. Timmie Professor and Chair of Radiology & Imaging Sciences, Executive Associate Dean, Faculty Academic Advancement, Leadership & Inclusion, and Associate Dean for Research at Emory University School of Medicine spoke to the Physician Leadership Team (PLT) as part of the Office of Faculty Affairs' inaugural Visiting Professorship. Her talk was entitled "Leadership in Times of Change: Investing in a Talent Workforce". Dr. Meltzer is a nationally recognized expert in leadership development and mentorship.

meltzer photo strip

Above, from left to right: Amy S. Gottlieb, MD, FACP, Chief Faculty Development Officer, Baystate Health, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, UMMS-Baystate; Richard Hicks, MD, FACR, Chair of the Department of Radiology; and visiting professor Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR.