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Brightwood House Learning Community

PURCH Medical Students at a Brightwood House Learning Community Event

Brightwood House Learning Community Logo

Brightwood House is the learning community for all PURCH students. With six faculty mentors and about 100 students, it is an especially close group. 

Meet Our PURCH Students

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Your Brightwood House Mentors

Brightwood House Learning Community Mentors

Photo: (L to R) Sam Borden, Eric Churchill, Beth Eagleson, Rohini Harvey, Molly Senn-McNally, Jackie Wu

Director of Student Affairs, PURCH

Eric Churchill, MD, MPH
Explore student services and resources Eric has put together.

Director of Health Equity Education and Practice

Sarah Perez-McAdoo, MD, MPH

Faculty and Advisors

Early Clinical Learning Faculty

Nadia Villarroel, MD, Course Director

Rebecca Barron, MD, MPH

Harry Hoar, MD

Reva Kleppel, MSW, MPH

Kristy Peterson, LCCE

Durane Walker, MD

Specialty Advisors

Department Specialty Advisor
Stanlies D'Souza email
Community Medicine
Eric Churchill email, Andy Balder email
(no observerships)
Emily West email
Emergency Medicine Liza Smith email Bryanne Macdonald email
Family Medicine Robert.Baldor email, Cortney Haynes email, Nathan Macedo email
Geriatrics TBD
Hospital Medicine Stephen Ryzewicz email, Chris Bryson email, Alexander Roseman email
IM-Primary Care Stephen Ryzewicz email, Eric Churchill email
IM-Cardiology Quinn Pack email
IM-Critical Care
Josh Allgaier email
Michele Gortakowski email
IM-Gastroenterology Yesenia Greeff email
(no observerships)
IM-Infectious Diseases
IM-Nephrology Spencer Hodgins email, Kostas Papamarkakis email
IM-Pulmonary Medicine/Critical Care
Carolyn Garcia email
Maura Munoz email, Alexander Roseman email


Anthony Jackson email
Obstetrics & Gynecology Carolyn Delk email, James Gebhardt email
Occupational Medicine
Brian Bredvik email
Otolaryngology TBD
Palliative Medicine Yael Tarshich email, Emily Zametkin email
Pathology Rahul Jawale email
Pediatrics (General) Hilary Branch email,  Alexander Roseman email (Hospital Medicine)
Pediatrics Emergency Medicine
Ian Goodman email
Pediatrics Neonatology
Ruben Vaidya email
Pediatrics Child Abuse
Stephen Boos email
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Barry Rodstein email
Preventive Medicine
Quinn Pack email
Psychiatry Stephanie Daly email
Radiation Oncology
Thomas Anderson email
Surgery Kate Debbink email
Aaron Berkenwald; Michael Zavaski email
Vascular Surgery
Matt Kronick email

Residency Application Advisors


Brian C. Martin, Program Director email
Maria Lopez, Program Administrator email

Emergency Medicine

Adam Kellogg, Program Director email
Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton, Associate Program Director email
Liza Smith, Clerkship Director email

Family Medicine

Chandra Hartman, Program Director email
Nathan Macedo, Associate Program Director email

Internal Medicine

Riffat Sabir, Program Director email
Christine Bryson, Associate Program Director email
Kathryn Jobbins, Associate Program Director email
Yesenia Greeff, Assistant Program Director email


Sharon Wretzel, Program Director email
Maura Muñoz, Associate Program Director email


Jacqueline Kates, Program Director email
Carolyn Delk, Associate Program Director email
Kimberly Marakovitz, Faculty email


Rahul Jawale, Faculty email
Ashraf Khan, Chair email
James Mueller, Program Director email


Steven Fischel, Program Director email
John Hopkins, Associate Program Director email
Sonia Riyaz, Faculty email


Martha Lopez, Associate Program Director email
Christopher Mudge, Faculty email


Neal Seymour, Program Director email
David B. Tashjian, Associate Program Director email