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Program Refresher

The Baystate Midwifery Education Program is pleased to offer a "refresher" for CNMs/CMs who have not practiced full-scope in the recent past.  This program is planned out on a case-by-case basis, depending on the needs of the midwife, her potential employer, and the demands of our current midwifery students.  Tuition is $550/credit, and the number of credits required will be determined by the background and experiences of the midwife.  The majority of participants will be required to complete pertinent course modules and be tested on the material as well as doing supervised clinical.  Modules, exams and remote library access are included in the tuition fees. (Download an application for the Midwifery Education refresher.)

For example, a midwife who has been totally out of midwifery practice for 10 years would be required to complete and be tested on all of the clinical modules as well as complete a supervised clinical experience equivalent to Integration (10-12 weeks).  Participants are supervised by the Baystate clinical faculty.  The modules are counted as 1 credit (less than for the midwifery students because they are completed independently and there is no clinical component), and the clinical experience would be 9 credits. A midwife currently practicing ambulatory women's health would usually just complete the Intrapartum Module and participate in Intrapartum clinical experience in order to complete the program. 

If you would like to explore our refresher opportunities, please email the Program Director,  Sukey Agard Krause, CNM, MSN.