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Q&A: COVID vaccines, fertility & pregnancy

Dr. Lauren Westafer and Dr. Oscar Martinez answer questions and address concerns about fertility and pregnancy.

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How to Boost Your Resilience

Dr. Catherine Sanderson, Amherst College professor, talked about how adverse events (like pandemics) can have positive outcomes.

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Dr. Ogbuji on Deep Brain Stimulation

In a recent virtual event given through Baystate Health's Senior Class program, Dr. Ogbuji talked about movement disorders and Deep Brain Stimulation.

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Am I Having a Heart Attack?

Dr. Zichittella answered common questions about heart attacks, including what to do if you're having chest pain. 

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The Restorative Breast Collaboration

Breast surgeon Dr. Danielle Lipoff and plastic surgeon Dr. KC Collins talk about how they work together to provide the best possible breast care.

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Oh My Aching Back!

A discussion about lower back pain with Dr. Leslie Lyness.

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