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Childbirth & Parent Education at Wesson Women & Infants'

Baystate Medical Center offers a variety of classes for new parents, grandparents, and babysitters. You can also view our Virtual Tour of the Wesson Women & Infants' Unit, join parent groups, and sign up for breastfeeding classes and groups.

Express bundles include additional parent and breastfeeding classes (Infant Care, Prenatal Breastfeeding, and Postnatal Newborn Behavior and Feeding). Please remember to choose your dates for the additional classes before you finish registering.

NOTE: Please check with your insurance company as some companies will reimburse you for childbirth classes. You should enroll in your fourth month of pregnancy for a childbirth education program, even though you will not begin the course until your sixth month. To register, please select classes below and register online.

If you have questions, please call 413-794-5515.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Virtual (WebEx) Childbirth Education Bundle - $165

This class is a bundle of 4 two hour sessions held live with a Parent Education Instructor that can be taken from your own living room.  Learn in a virtual classroom while having your questions answered in real time.


You’ll learn about:

Class 1

  • Stages of labor and delivery
  • Basic comfort techniques

Class 2

  • Medications
  • Medical interventions
  • Cesarean Sections

Class 3

  • Postpartum care
  • Newborn care

Class 4

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding

The Basics-Breathing, Massage and Positions for Labor Virtual class - $25

Learn helpful breathing patterns, massage & relaxation techniques and a variety of comfort positions useful during labor in this unique virtual class. This class is ideal for those looking to have a natural birth and it's also perfect as a refresher class for those having a 2nd baby.



Online Preparation for Childbirth - $80

Our online childbirth class is ideal for those who enjoy learning on their own and at their own pace. It is great for expectant parents who can’t attend an on-site childbirth class due to work schedules, time constraints, or medical conditions. This class does not include any face-to-face time with a Parent Educator.


The eight-chapter program will help you:

  • Understand pregnancy – what’s happening to your body, discomforts, warning signs, nutrition, exercise, and more
  • Learn about labor – preparing for birth, pre-labor signs, onset of labor, 3D animation of labor process, and more
  • See how the stages of labor unfold – watch amazing real-life birth stories
  • Discover helpful comfort techniques – breathing, relaxation, massage, visualization, focal points, hydrotherapy, labor and pushing positions, advice for partners, and more

You can demo this class.

One Day Childbirth Education Express Bundle - $165

This one day class, held on Saturdays from 9 am-4 pm (45 minutes for lunch). This bundled event also includes three additional classes: Infant Care, Prenatal Breastfeeding and Postnatal Newborn Behavior and Feeding.

*Class not available at this time

You’ll learn about:

  • Stages of labor and delivery
  • Basic comfort techniques
  • Medications
  • Medical interventions
  • Postpartum care

Two Day Childbirth Education Express Bundle - $165

A two-day class held over two consecutive weeks. This bundled event also includes three additional classes: Infant Care, Prenatal Breastfeeding and Postnatal Newborn Behavior and Feeding.

*Class not available at this time

You'll learn about:

  • Stages of labor and delivery
  • Basic comfort techniques
  • Medications
  • Medical interventions
  • Postpartum care

Basic Breathing and Positions for Labor - $25

This class is ideal for parents who want a more in-depth knowledge of advanced comfort and support techniques for labor and delivery. This information is not covered in the Preparation for Childbirth and Childbirth Education Express classes due to time constraints.

*Class not available at this time

Practice time for relaxation, guided imagery, natural pain management and breathing techniques (Lamaze) are just a few of the topics covered.

Online Multiples Childbirth Education Class  - $80


Our Multiples Childbirth Education class is a class that is taken in the comfort of your own home. This class is ideal for expectant parents who want education that is specific for families expecting twins or triplets in their second trimester of pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga - $12 per class/ $60 for six class pack


This class will use postures, breathing techniques and meditation to help ease pregnancy aches. It will prepare your body for delivery and improve your chances for a smoother recovery.

We create strength, focus, flexibility and awareness through a gentle practice designed especially for the pregnant woman's needs. 

Infant and Child Care

Virtual (WebEx) Infant Care class - $35

This unique virtual class will take place on a Tuesday evening from 6:00-8:00pm.

Topics include: creating and maintaining a loving bond, diapering and bathing, taking baby's temperature, comforting techniques, infant feeding cues, sleep patterns, normal infant appearance and behavior, and when to call the physician.

This class will be held on the WebEx meeting platform


Infant Care Class - $35

This prenatal class teaches you how to care for and understand your new baby. This class includes an 18 month "Understanding Your Newborn" Web App Access Card with essential videos and information.

*Class not available at this time

You will learn about:

  • Creating and maintaining a loving bond
  • D diapering and bathing
  • Taking baby's temperature
  • Comforting techniques
  • Infant feeding cues
  • Sleep patterns
  • Normal infant appearance and behavior
  • When to call the physician

Keeping Baby Safe - $40

This class teaches parents how to keep your baby safe.

*Class not available at this time

You'll learn about:

  • Infant CPR
  • First aid for choking
  • Poison prevention
  • Baby-proofing your home
  • Car seat safety

Virtual Postnatal Newborn Behavior and Feeding - Free

Taken after you deliver, this class provides postpartum support for new parents and provides information on newborn behavior in the first few weeks of your infant’s life.  This unique class is offered in the WebEx meeting platform.


You’ll learn about:

  • Feeding cues for breast and bottle feeding
  • Infant sleep patterns
  • Comforting a crying infant
  • Returning to work
  • Continued support for breastfeeding moms
  • Pumping techniques
  • Storage of breast milk.

Postnatal Yoga with Baby - $12 per class/ $60 for six class pack



This class is a great opportunity to bond with your baby, strengthen muscles that were affected in pregnancy/labor and stretch all of motherhood’s new aches and pains. Babies up to 1 year old and crawling are welcome.

You'll learn about:

  • breathing techniques to calm the mind and bring energy to the body
  • strengthening the pelvic floor and abdomen

Grandparents Class - $25

This class, for grandparents-to-be and new grandparents, provides information about current labor and delivery, infant feeding and safety practices. Discussion on the role of grandparents and a tour of the birthing center is included.

*Class not available at this time