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Pathology Residency Curriculum

The BMC AP/CP training program is 48 months in duration. Note: Clinical Pathology and Anatomic Pathology-only tracks are a total of 36 months with training in AP or CP rotations only.


Surgical Pathology
(6 months)

Clinical Pathology
(Transfusion Medicine)
(3 months)

(3 months)


Surgical Pathology
(2 months)

Forensic Pathology

(1 month)

Clinical Pathology (Microbiology)
(3 months)

(3 months)

Anatomic Pathology
(3 months)


Surgical Pathology
(2-3 months)

Clinical Pathology (Chemistry)
(3 months)

Advanced Surgical Pathology


Elective in Subspecialty Surgical
Pathology (i.e. Dermatopathology)

Clinical Pathology (Hematopathology)
(3 months)


Clinical Pathology
(Advanced Hematology &
Serologic Immunology)

*Specialty Surgical Pathology



Advanced Cytology


Senior Surgical Pathology

Clinical Pathology (Molecular
Biology & Cytogenetics)
(3 months)

*Specialty Surgical Pathology = Frozen section, Renal/EM, Neuropathology, Dermatopathology
NOTE: Year 2- Year 4 = Schedules may vary (see Sample Rotation Schedule)

Call Schedule

1st year residents do not take call.

They are assigned to work every other Saturday for grossing and autopsy coverage.

2nd – 4th year residents take call from home.

They cover AP and CP issues for a week at a time from Friday evening until the next Friday morning. Multiple attendings are on-call and the residents are encouraged to start working up a call issue, and should ask for help from their attendings if needed.

  • Common call issues on CP include critical values, massive transfusion protocol, suspected transfusion reactions, emergent plasma apheresis or red cell exchange.
  • AP call consists mainly of frozen sections.

Residents are not required to stay in-house for call, however, beepers must be kept on.

PGY 1: Do not take call
PGY 2: 7 weeks of call
PGY 3: 4 weeks of call
PGY 4: 3 weeks of call

Rotation Schedule

pathology residency rotation schedule