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Radiology Residency Program Director's Message

Catanzano_TaraWhat makes a great radiology residency program?

  1. Commitment to education
  2. Opportunity to focus on areas of interest
  3. Opportunity to pursue academic and management goals while in training
  4. Excellent case material with a good mix of pathology
  5. Expert faculty members with a depth and breadth of knowledge
  6. State-of-the-art equipment
  7. Mentoring program

What makes Baystate a great radiology residency program?

Baystate has all of the above and more! 

Our radiologists are top notch, fellowship-trained with subspecialty expertise.

The faculty are very dedicated to educating our residents through viewbox teaching and lectures. Faculty members are recognized authors and researchers, journal and abstract reviewers and members of national committees in their subspecialty fields. There are also faculty members who previously examined at the ABR certifying oral board examination in Louisville.  Currently there are faculty members who serve on the ABR Core Examination question writing committees. Two current faculty members have authored radiology texts.

Residents have the ability to pursue areas of interest while in training. 

Opportunities exist for rotations in radiology business administration and research among others. Level I certification in the Radiology Leadership Institute, a business development in radiology program design by the ACR, has been built into the curriculum. Residents are encouraged to pursue abstract submission to national meetings and to author papers. Recently, the residents and faculty collaborated to author an entire volume of The Seminars in CT, MR and US. The volume is dedicated to imaging pediatric patients and was recently published. Education exhibits have been very successful and have led to solicitation of manuscripts to both Contemporary Diagnostic Radiology and Radiographics. One resident  undertook an investigator initiated clinical project to evaluate CBD diameters following cholecystectomy. The same resident published a case-based book.

Pathology seen at Baystate rivals that of larger centers. 

There is a vast array of case types seen at Baystate, with unusual pathology frequently encountered. This pathology led to two consecutive AIRP Best Case resident awards with solicited manuscripts for Radiographics.

Our unique, and growing, collaboration with the Baystate Simulation Laboratory. 

Our simulation center is one of six in the nation. Under the direction of Dr. Gladys Fernandez, the simulation center has extended its scope to include radiology residency related programs. To date, these have included contrast reactions, suturing techniques and sterile fields. An exciting new endeavor is underway to create a "call prep" test environment with clinical cases presented on a PACS system to the resident in an environment designed to simulate the actual call experience. Currently, no other similar program exists for radiology residents across the nation.  

Baystate is continually updating it facilities. 

The Hospital of the Future built in 2012 provides inpatient and OR facilities, as well as a new Emergency and Trauma Center, which includes the largest pediatric ED in the region.  The new Breast and Wellness Center, provides a beautiful new facility allowing direct multi-specialty access to our patients, in addition to brand new reading and procedure rooms for our radiologists.  A new Gift Shop and Pharmacy put a new face on the entrance from Daly-3, and paved the way for our new Radiology conference room (a current work in progress!).

Our Department is continually updating our technology.

Two 128 MDCT scanners were added with the construction of the Hospital of the Future, which joined our existing 5 MDCT scanners, new Phillip ultrasound equipment DR and new fluoroscopic equipment. There are currently 4 MRI units, including 3T.  Our state of the art PACS system is fully integrated with Powerscribe 360 voice recognition dictation system and the RIS, as well as a newly introduced Critical Results Reporting system that innovates the way we communicate findings with clinicians.  Future goals: Radiation Dose reporting system, Patient portal access to reports, and an updated/more comprehensive electronic ordering system.

Baystate's Radiology Residency offers a unique academic experience augmented by a strong private practice commitment to service, quality, and entrepreneurship, and surrounded by the natural beauty of western Massachusetts.

Tara Catanzano, MD
Program Director, Radiology Residency