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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

stacked paperwork with investigator manual on top

A great resource to understand more
about the IRB project package creation,
submission, and approval process.

Investigator Manual

stack of encyclopedias and paperwork

Information about education that is 
required and different tools to help
you throughout the IRB process.

Education Requirements and Tools

IRBNet Logo

Baystate uses IRBNet as its electronic
portal for IRB submission and document


Image of a person looking over a form

Looking for a document to submit?
Not sure where to start in the creation
of a consent form? Find all documents
listed on IRBNet and more.

Forms & Templates

Stack of Books with labels sticking out the side

Review the Baystate Health Human
Research Protections Program policies
and procedures.

Policies & Procedures

CITI Program Logo

Baystate uses CITI (Collaborative Institutional
Training Initiative) for mandatory education in research
ethics and the responsible conduct of research.

CITI Login

Image of a Sand in a glass timer

Download the 2022 IRB Board 1
and Board 2 submission deadlines
and meeting schedule.

Submission Deadlines & Meetings


Think you need a DUA? Using a
data platform other than REDCap Tufts?
Find all guidance on how to go about
the ancillary services process.

Ancillary Services

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