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Day in the Life of a Radiology Resident

A Day in the Life of a Fourth Year Radiology Resident

5:30 am Alarm rings.          
6:00 Finally get out of bed after hitting snooze button 4 times.
7:00 Eat breakfast: Cheerios, Milk, Orange Juice.
7:30 Arrive at work and start previewing cases on PACS from the prior evening.  Types of cases depends on the service I am on.  For example, on the Chest service, I preview chest radiographs and chest CT's done on the prior evening.
9:00 Review cases with attending radiologists on CT and plain film services.
10:30 Dictate cases using Powerscribe automated voice recognition system.
11:45 Go to conference room to get free lunch!!! Everyday there are 2 entrees, salad, desert, and non-alcoholic beverages!  Today's menu: Vegetarian lasagna, chicken, garden salad with choice of dressing, and chocolate cake.
noon Daily noon conference.  Today's topic: Imaging of Chest Trauma
1:00 pm Preview more cases.
2:30 Review cases with attending.
3:30 Walk down to cafeteria for COFFEE!
3:50 Dictate remaining cases.
5:00 Leave hospital.
5:15 Arrive home for the best part of the day...spending time with my wife and 22 month old son!  As I am entering, my son says "Daa!" and jumps on to me while pointing towards the door wanting to go out!  We usually go swimming or for a walk in the summer or work out at the gym in our apartment complex.      
7:00 Dinner time.
8:00 Study for 2-3 hours.  Today I will be reading about high-resolution chest CT. 
11:00 Good night!