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Pediatric Ambulatory Care Coordination

We Connect You with the Care Your Child Needs

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If your child has a complex medical condition requiring multiple specialists, ask about a referral to our Pediatric Ambulatory Care Coordination Service.

When your child is sick or facing a complex health problem, you want the very best in care. You may feel overwhelmed as you try to make sure your child gets the kind of specialized care he or she needs. Our Pediatric Ambulatory Care Coordination at Baystate Children’s Hospital — a fully accredited hospital within Baystate Medical Center — can help you navigate the system.


We Guide You Every Step of the Way

When your child’s doctor refers you to our Pediatric Ambulatory Care Coordination, you’ll meet care coordinators and registered nurses who specialize in the “medical home.” This isn’t a house or hospital or building — it’s an approach to helping patients and their families get high-quality health care services they need at reasonable costs.

Having someone like your care coordinator who “knows the ropes” of the health care system makes the process much easier for you.

Your care coordinator will make sure:

  • Your child gets timely appointments for referrals to specialists as requested by your child’s pediatrician or other doctor.
  • Needed paperwork and approvals are arranged with your insurance provider.
  • Everyone on your child’s care team — you, your child’s doctor, and other specialists — communicates with one another and shares information about your child’s health.
  • Your child gets the right type of care at the right time.
  • If your child is admitted to the hospital, any follow-up care needed is arranged before he or she goes home.
  • You’re connected with community resources, public benefits, and other children’s health care services to continue your child’s care after you leave.

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