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Acupuncture (See Also: Pain Management)

The Baystate Pain Management Centers are the only comprehensive, interdisciplinary centers for the care and treatment of patients with persistent pain in western Massachusetts.


Baystate Health offers quality allergy services service through Allergy & Immunology Associates of New England, LLC in Springfield, Greenfield, Northampton, Westfield, and Wilbraham.


The anesthesiology team of Baystate Health consists of highly trained, board certified physicians and nurse anesthetists, whose primary function is ensure Western Massachusetts patients' comfort and safety with high quality care during inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures, or during childbirth at Baystate Medical Center.

Anesthesiology (Pediatric) (See Also: Pediatric Anesthesiology)

Pediatric anesthesia and pain management specialists combine their expertise in providing surgical care for children at Baystate Children’s Hospital.

Arthritis (See Also: Rheumatology)

Baystate Rheumatology diagnose and treat rheumatic diseases that mainly  involve problems with joints, soft tissues and the connective tissues.

Asthma (See Also: Pulmonary)

Our pulmonary medicine specialists treat diseases and conditions of the lung.


If you need help with hearing loss, Baystate Health’s team of expert audiologists is here to guide you through the diagnostic and treatment process.

Bariatric Surgery (See Also: Weight Loss Surgery)

The Comprehensive Adult Weight Management Program specializes in the medical and surgical management of obesity and provides a patient-focused program to help adults struggling with obesity and weight-related diseases.

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Services of Baystate Health, a service of Baystate Medical Center, offers comprehensive mental health, substance abuse, behavioral medicine and employee assistance programs that are responsive to today's changing health care system.

Behavioral Medicine (Child) (See Also: Child Behavioral Health)

Baystate Child Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine offers family-centered care for children and adolescents with developmental delays, learning disabilities, and special needs.
Page 1 of 18 | Results 1 - 10 of 175