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Watchman Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device

Baystate Interventional Cardiology now implants the Watchman, Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device, a first-of-its-kind, proven alternative to long-term warfarin therapy for stroke risk reduction in patients with non-Valvular atrial fibrillation (AF).

The Watchman Device is intended for percutaneous, transcatheter closure of the of the left atrial appendage (LAA).  By closing off the LAA, a thin, sack-like appendix arising from the left side of the heart that is believed to be the source of the majority of stroke-causing blood clots in people with non-Valvular AF1, the risk of stroke may be reduced and, over time, patients may be able to stop taking warfarin. 

Who is appropriate for Watchman? 

Patients who may be eligible: 

  • Are at an increased risk for stroke and systemic embolism based on CHADS2 or CHAD2DS2-VAScscores and are recommended for anticoagulation therapy
  • Are deemed by their physicians to be suitable for warfarin
  • Have an appropriate rationale to seek non-pharmacologic alternative to warfarin, taking into account the safety and effectiveness of the device compared to warfarin. 

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