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Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center

At Baystate Medical Center, your comfort is top priority. We provide comprehensive, award-winning heart and vascular care in the Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center.

Enhanced Patient Care

The Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center features the full range of heart and vascular treatment options in one central location. This enables us to bring the latest technology and best medical teams to you, with fewer disruptions and greater comfort throughout your experience.

Our center features:

  • Six surgical/endovascular suites designed to accommodate complex and several-step heart surgery procedures, so we can bring technology and care teams to you, instead of the other way around.
  • 20-room CARE (Cardiac Assessment, Recovery, & Evaluation) unit, allowing you to have outpatient procedures that go from pre-op to discharge in the same room, with the same nursing team.
  • Three floors (96 rooms) of private medical-surgical beds, each equipped with telemetry (wireless transmission of data), for less critically ill patients who require an overnight stay.
  • 32 cardiovascular critical care rooms designed to create efficient, comfortable care environments for you — while providing plenty of room for the comforting presence of your family and friends.
  • Generous use of natural light and quiet, common spaces throughout the hospital, including the D'Amour Family Healing Garden and the Tolosky Family Living Room.

Recover in Privacy

The next best thing to recovery at home is recovery in a hospital room that doesn’t feel like one.

Our private patient rooms offer:

  • Dedicated space for the healing presence of family and friends, including a pull-out bed for overnight visitors
  • Telemetry (wireless transmission of data) and other state-of-the-art technology, hidden behind panels until needed
  • Acoustic (sound) buffers between rooms for privacy
  • Patient control of lighting and temperature
  • Beds that always face the window