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Virtual migraine appointment made a huge difference

When Julie had a migraine on vacation, she was able to consult her doctor through video chat.

Category: Neurology

Julie Barnes was miles away from home at a work conference on Cape Cod when she began to feel the severe crushing pain of a migraine. Julie is director of Veterans’ Services for the City of Westfield and had been experiencing migraines multiple times a week since she was seven-years-old. “Any trip, even a vacation, can be nerve-racking because I never know when a migraine will hit,” Julie explains.

Baystate Health Connect

Julie utilizes the Baystate Health telehealth mobile app, Baystate Health Connect, which offers virtual visits with her doctor through video chat on her phone. That day, she had a scheduled appointment via telehealth with her Baystate Neurology doctor, Meghan Hickey, MD. The appointment came at a time when she was experiencing the migraine.

“I virtually called Dr. Hickey for my appointment. I could see her face and she could see mine. I not only told her how I was feeling, but she could see it as she looked at me,” Julie says.

Dr. Hickey ordered the refill Julie needed for the shots she receives to relieve her symptoms.

Today, Dr. Hickey has introduced a new medicine for Julie that has decreased her migraines from several times a week to just a few days a month.

As for telehealth, Julie highly recommends it. “It is super convenient and very easy. For patients like me, whose condition can make even the drive to the doctors’ office extremely difficult, I can use the app and have a video visit from home that lasts a quick 10 minutes. It has made a huge difference for me.”

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When to use Baystate Health Connect

  • You feel sick and cannot leave home.
  • Your schedule prevents you from taking time to travel for an in-office visit.
  • Your primary care provider is not available for an appointment but you would like to seek urgent care from an alternate Baystate primary care provider.
  • You’re on vacation or far from the office (service area limited to Massachusetts). The program is offered in-state only as our physicians are not currently licensed in other states.