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Three Generations Receive Neonatal Intensive Care at Baystate

Over two decades ago, Cecelia was born prematurely at Baystate Medical Center. As an adult, she returns to Baystate to become a parent herself.

Category: Pediatrics

ceceliaAs a Springfield native, Cecelia (pictured here) has always been familiar with Baystate Health and Baystate Children's Hospital. Over two decades ago, Cecelia was born prematurely (at twenty-six weeks) at Baystate Medical Center. She and her mother were cared for in the Davis Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). When it was time for her to become a parent, she and her husband Adam naturally turned to Baystate.

A Difficult Journey Into Motherhood

With a family history of cervical issues, Cecelia’s journey to become a mother was a difficult one. After a cycle of in vitro fertilization with a frozen embryo transfer, the couple happily learned they were expecting twins.

Medical obstacles continued to follow Cecelia into her pregnancy, and she endured cervical procedures in her first and second trimesters. Cecelia experienced extreme complications carrying both twins. Just twenty-three weeks into her pregnancy, Cecelia delivered one twin – her daughter, Madison.

127 Days in the NICU

After spending her first 127 days in the NICU, Madison survived. Cecelia and Adam found immense comfort knowing that many of the same doctors and nurses that once cared for her were now caring for their daughter.

“During the first couple of weeks, we would go up to visit her in the NICU and our doctors and nurses would be up there checking on her too,” said Cecelia. “It was so sweet to see that they actually cared enough to keep an eye on her when we were not able to be there, and genuinely wanted to watch her grow. I honestly couldn't imagine being at any other place besides Baystate.”

Support the NICU 

If you would like to support the Baystate Health NICU, you can do so through the Baystate Health Foundation.

Photo by Robert Charles Photography